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Hi all. Wanting HELP and TIPS with what works for you regarding eating. What do find you can eat without it making you blown up, being in

more pain, lethargy etc. I know if I eat bread, flour, in fact wheat, gluten, etc. I feel quite ill, and have in fact mainly cut this out of my diet, however, it is difficult for me, because I have other conditions that I am not supposed to eat veg ,nuts, salad or anything that is fibrous or difficult to digest, and another condition where I could eat these things but can`t, so it leaves me really with eating steamed fish, mashed potato, possibly cheese, etc. It is really boring, and stops me going out to eat or going to friends for a meal, so, just thought there might be some of you out there in the same crumby situation. Look forward to hearing from anyone with suggestions. Still waiting for the results of hypothyroid tests, but, as I was told before, I had all the tests they could do, in fact a GOLD MOT where tests were concerned [ these 10 times in all ] I don`t expect too much, however, the next move is to go privately to a endocrinologist should this be the case, so once again, PLEASE suggestions for good consultants. Bless you all and hope you are feeling good today, but for those that aren't, lots of hugs.

Lyndia x

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Is your digestion affected by your ill-health?


Hi shaws. I have written back to you 3 times, but my laptop waits until I get to signing off, and deletes everything, and I just don`t have the energy to try again right now, also, it is difficult for me, as I have just had a replacement knuckle op,so it`s difficult to type for long, however, in a nutshell, the problem is having a severe diverticular and irirtable bowel problem which I have had ops for, so can only eat certain things. Will tell you more when I am not screaming mad with this machine, [and it`s a new machine, but has a mind of it`s own ]but, thanks for taking the trouble to write to me, it`s much appreciated. [ I`m sat here on tenterhooks waiting for this thing to delete everything ] lot of hugs

Lyndia x


I'm sorry you are having multiple health problems to cope with. I hope your knuckle will soon be working properly.

Naami Sue has given you good advice. I had some digestive problems and it seems to have resolved somewhat (hopefully) through vitamins/minerals.

It must be awful to have such serious problems as you have experienced with your stomach.

Maybe your laptop has a flaw. It should still be under guarantee.


...or maybe it is the digestive system in a bad way which is causing the ill health?

14 months ago a Professor suggested i had chronic food allergies. I sat there stunned and shocked, I had always considered my self to be a healthy eater :) Over the following 10 days I removed dairy, then wheat, then gluten and oats from my diet. I went from one stage off being diagnosed with CSF to having energy I hadn't experienced for 6 years (and then it was only for a few months).

What I have since seen is that my body was totally flattened by food that was actually poison for my body. The cleaner my system gets the more I notice the slightest slip with minuscule amounts of gluten or dairy.

Without knowing what your other conditions are it is a little difficult to comment comprehensively, however, I do wonder if the first condition may be Chrons....

I know from my own experience that what we eat is KEY to our health and wellbeing, it is a game of puzzle playing to find out what works and what doesn't, but so very worthwhile.

These are people/diets I have come across on my own journey that seem to give excellent results Elaine Gottschall and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and the Gut and Psycholgy Diet (GAPS). They are both initially quite extreme but they both have the potential to heal a permeable or Leaky Gut and people have healed from very severe cases of Chrons. Of course any main stream medical person will tell us that an illness such as Chrons can not be cured or even managed to the degree of living a normal life! When we have auto immune illness it is VITAL that we pay serious attention to the health of the gut. Every functional, integrative, alternative and holistic practitioner will advise ALL with Auto Immune Illness to remove gluten from the diet, it is VERY toxic and is like pouring petrol onto a burning fire.

I am going to have a go at one of these diets in the new year, even though I am very well and have energy to live a very full life and do what I choose, more or less, when I choose. The daily and twice daily naps are a thing of the past, other than when I unknowingly contaminate myself! Over the past months I have noticed that I am becoming sensitive to more and more foods and I am certain that my gut is Leaky and I want to heal it, hence the SCD or GAPS diet in 2014 so that I can live with more flow and maybe a greater choice of foods.

There are lots and lots of fabulous web sites out there with fantastic recipes and most are quite simple to make. is one is another I have just come across and there are so many more. There is a lot more i could share with you but without knowing more about your specific conditions it is difficult to offer specific advice which hopefully will be helpful for you. You are welcome to message me if you wish privacy and I would do my best to help.

Kindest wishes,

Sue x

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Hi. have tried 3 times to reply, but my laptop waits until I get to the end, and then DELETES everything

and I just don`t have the energy right now to go into my problem again at length, however, it is to do with me having a very severe diverticular and bowel problem which I have had ops for, and can only eat certain things, and am trying to see if there is anything else I can eat. It is also difficult for me to type at the moment, as I have just had a replacement knuckle op, however, thank you for taking the time to reply, and when this machine decides to play ball, I will try again, or IT and I will be parting company. lots of hugs, and hope you are feeling well.

Lyndia x


I can only echo Naamisue's advice Lyndia, the cure for most ills is healing the gut.


Sorry I can`t reply at the moment, as , having written a lengthy reply 3 times, my wonderful laptop, has deleted the message every time just as I got to the bottom, and I am now so screaming mad, I can`t do it again right now, [ I think I am about to throw the damn machine out of the window, but, it`s new, and I can`t afford another one] especially as I have just had a knuckle replacement, and it is difficult enough as it is to type, however, I will say it is to do with a very servere diverticulitis and irritable bowel problem, which I have had ops for, and I am only supposed to eat certain things. However, thanks for replying, and I will try and explain more later. lots of hugs

Lyndia x


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