Advice please

Advice please

I have today received my blood results from Blue Horizon. I would appreciate your advice on these as to what to do next . I am currently on 50mg of Thyroxine. I am on a gluten free and dairy free diet . However still having lots of joint and muscle pain . Fatigue, anxiety, depression and dizzy spells . I have a Doctors apt for Tuesday but would value your expert advice .

Thanks in advance .

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Have you been supplementing with iron tablets or similar? Do you eat meat and fish?

Hello , yes I do eat meat and fish . I have recently supplemented with iron but very sporadically.

Hi - in your previous posts many people advised that you were undermedicated and you are still undermedicated. When on treatment most people will feel better with FT3 close to top of range, in this case probably at least 5.5. You need a dose increase and if your current doctor won't do so then I suggest you stop listening to them and change your doctor.

Apart from that your vit D is too low and that could be contributing to your joint and muscle pain. Optimum is around 100-120. Your GP probably won't treat this as it is within range so you need to get yourself either capsules or a spray for this. I use Better You spray from Holland & Barrett. You need at least 3000iu/day for several months. If using capsules take with the fattiest meal of the day. Vit D increases uptake of calcium so with it you need to take vit k2-mk7 to direct this to bones and teeth rather than soft tissue. Magnesium is another co-factor - I take 400 magnesium citrate/day. (this can also help muscle/joint issues).

Your ferritin is too high so stop supplementing iron.


Thank you Gillian for your advice . I realise that I was advised before that I was undermedicated , I have taken an extra 25 mg a few times a week . However in the "Doctor comments" at the bottom of the test results from Blue Horizon they said I was overmedicated and to reduce Thyroxine as did my Doctor. I am seeing my Doctor next week to discuss this . She thought I might have Hashimotos however am I right in thinking that the test results show otherwise ?

Regards Tracey

Hi - at this point in time your antibody results aren't positive for Hashimotos but that is not conclusive as anti-body levels can fluctuate. You may be positive and your gluten and dairy free is keeping these in check for instance.

Unfortunate but true, you are going to have to learn to take anything any doctor says about thyroid with a pinch of salt. That comes from the current prevailing tyranny in the UK of dosing by TSH only and totally ignoring FT3 and symptoms. Since it is T3 that controls our whole systems, that is what really counts. In your case, since your conversion rate doesn't look great - though working on nutrients may help - FT3 is even more important. There are many people on here who are much more knowledgeable than most of the UK medical profession. Personally I have made leaps and bounds of progress following the advice given here that I wouldn't have had made from accepting GPs recommendations (and remember that is all they are - not orders)

Good luck


Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply . I appreciate your advice . My Doctor has said she will refer me to an endocrinologist that deals in integrated medicine. Hopefully he will be able to prescribe some T3.

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