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Any good Docs out there

I'm new here, but have suffered with hypothyroidism for 18 years and like many other people have never yet found the solution to feeling tired, lethargic and generally rubbish a lot of the time. I did see a endocrinologist (NHS) but he was less than sympathetic and his solution was just to up my dose of thyroxine. Does anyone know of a good endocrinologist in Scotland?

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Become your own doctor :-D Honestly, most the GPs and even many endos know not much at all about thyroid or related issues so much better than any other option and the only way you'll really feel better, this is what most of us have done. There's lots of info on here so just read up on everything and work it out yourself. Post any blood tests on here too and people will always suggest anything that needs looking at :-)


Thank you, will do some research and read the posts.😊


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