Trampolining safe, any good?

I have Hashis and with endo working through meds, improving slowly.

Wondering about getting a trampoline. I've never been on one but think the low impact of bouncing would not aggravate knees, bunnion, Etc! the aerobic element could only be good, I think...

Does anyone use one?

I walk for an hour or two once a week with a friend and try short walks other days but so hard to get going especially in this weather. had a week in Madeira recently and dreaded return from 22 deg to the cold and we have months ahead of it. moan moan...I'm 60 and weigh 187 lbs. had lost 11 lbs earlier in year when too medicated and now need to kick start my body before it just gives up.

Trampoline could be a gift if a good idea...

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  • Do you, perhaps, mean one of the gentle bouncers or rebounders? Rather than a full-on Olympic size multiple somersault thing!

  • Definitely! indoors and one with a grab/balance rail too.

  • You are obviously doing well on your dose of hormones and wish you happy bouncing :)

  • I bought myself a rebounder. First time on it, I put my back out, and haven't dared try it since! But, there are lots of videos on YouTube extolling the virtues, if you're interested. :)

  • I have one of those little mini indoor trampolines (not with grabrails though). I use it for a very gentle jog - takes the strain off my knees. Personally I'd say if you're up to it, go for it!

  • It's good for the lymph system, so should be OK. But I didn't keep it up as I couldn't keep my balance and it's painful falling off one of the small ones - might try again now my B12 is better.

  • Hmm... I have two left feet, not exactly graceful - hence the grab bar!

    I'll have to think carefully, maybe find one somewhere and try it out before taking the plunge. thanks for replies. will be back to report if I go ahead...

  • Just a thought, have you heard of Nordik is a brilliant way to exercise which supports your balance & gives you a full body workout. I have recently completed my 4 week training & really enjoyed it......most of the people doing it were around your age group & it was a really nice social experience.

  • What about swimming? Our pool has a young at heart session once a week there's also a sauna and steam's also quite a good social secession it's seems for some!

    Good luck

  • I bought one with a grab handle and got fed up with it in the end - from what I remember I don't think I actually liked the sensation of bouncing. It was fairly gentle on the knees though.

    After that it lay out on the patio - they're bigger than you think too plus the feet sink into the grass if you put it on the grass.

    Turned out the cat absolutely loved sitting on it so we didn't have the heart to get rid of it, eventually after several years it became really mossy and horrible, the cat died and out it went to the tip.

  • I think I'll sleep on it. I was inspired by a video of a class by jumping with us. com

    I can't swim and don't really like being in the water so much. Nordic walking would be good I know but Im just demotivated, with fatigue and brain dog etc etc too. the reality is I'm just trying not to lose my existing quality of life. I'm grossly overweight and not very fit. if it wasn't for having a 21 year old, it would be hard not to give up. DS plus DH, part time job in bridge club and playing bridge keep me going. so, lots to be thankful for too.

    Thank you for replies

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