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Best private testing?

Hi All

I am wanting to do a full panel thyroid test plus vitamins and just wondering which tester is the A) most reliable and B) least expensive, and which is the most thorough test I can ask for. I am taking a combo of ThyroGold and T3 but my last blood test apparently showed my T3 to be too high at 50 ..however the test was not done early morning after fasting as I normally would have done due to mix up at the hospital, I had it in the afternoon before my Endo appointment . I have been feeling fine on the dose I have taken and don't feel overmedicated so as I could not get a proper printout for this, and my next Endo appointment is not for another 6 months, I want to check my levels as they are now and self medicate from those results until I see him. I also want to see the results of a more detailed blood test than the TSH one the NHS carry out each time, so I can understand exactly where my levels are up to. My Endo told me to half my T3 25mg tablet to bring the T3 down, which I have done but am not really sure I want to be doing this when I have been feeling ok on the 25mg.... my next appointment is not for 6 months so I want to address the issue in the meantime, knowing I have an exact idea of my current levels from a b;ood test carried out at the proper time. Many thanks for any replies.

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Have a look at Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus 11 and Medichecks Thyroid Check Ultra Vit via

If your thyroid test had been done early in the morning your FT3 would have been higher. Don't take ThyroGold or T3 before your blood test as you will get a high result as the T3 peaks in your blood for up to 6 hours.

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I'd recommend the blue horizon plus 11 as a great starting point. They are competitively priced from what I've seen and the results come through so quickly 👍

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You can get the endo results from your GP receptionist also as they have access to these. You might want to double check that T3 results as this would be considered very high on the ranges I'm used to but maybe different range used?

Just in case you left it 24 hours like when on Levo, I'm on T3 only and my levels drops quite fast if miss a dose so you don't want to leave more than 12 hours after dose to do blood test as results will be skewed. I normally do min 5-6 hours after dose but you might want to leave 12 if you have a doc who's faffy about suppressed tsh.

Depends on what you want to try. If you don't think you could do your own finger prick test, one of them charges £25 for getting them done at hospital and the other £35. You might also want to phone and check with either first to see which has the closest place to go and get them done. If you're happy with doing it yourself, then this doesn't matter.

We used medichecks and were really happy with them and got the results the next day and do offers on thyroid thursday. Mum got her Thyroid ultra vit for £79 a couple of weeks ago.


Hi Clutter, kitty1 and saggyuk

Many thanks for all your help....this is the first time I have been unable to get a printout as they said there was a problem with the printer....I had taken all my meds as usual because i didn't expect to have the blood test that afternoon so am sure it's a bit skewed and don't quite want to count the results the Endo wrote down on a bit of paper....can't quite believe the T3 at 50 ?!! But to be sure, because i won't be seeing him for 6 months, I want to get a proper thyroid panel and self medicate according to those results for the next 6 months ( which I will post on here ) so I don't do any damage.


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