MY Mother @59 , Got T4 14.6 and TSH <0.01 , Is there anything to worry ? have DM2 from last 10 years

Done Annual Health Checkup of my mother @59 Years ,

Here are some finidings ,

HBA1c - 8.3

HB ( haemoglobin) - 10.2 ( Low )

BUN : 19.09

Creatine : 0.71

BUn/Cr Ration : 26.89

LDL -CHOL : 82


T4 : 14.6

TSH : <0.01

, is there anything alarming , on BUN/ Cr Ration and T4-TSH values . Will meet ENDO ,, but need your views


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4 Replies

  • I think it might help people comment on the results if you can supply the reference ranges for them (typically in brackets by your result).

    Plus, information as to any known diagnosis, medications she's taking etc. etc.

  • BangaloreMate,

    Low haemoglobin can indicate iron deficiency, B12 deficiency or folate deficiency. Do you have any results for ferritin, iron, B12 or folate?

  • VITAMIN B-12 C.L.I.A 447 pg/ml

    reference Range : 211 - 911 pg/ml

    IRON B12 is normal IN RANGE ..

    but VITAMIN D IS VERY LOW @ 7.26

  • BangalorMate,

    B12 447 is unlikely to be deficient.

    What is folate result and range? Folate and B12 work together.

    What is the iron result and range?

    Is the vitD 7.26 measured in nmol/L or ng/ml? Is your mother supplementing cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)?

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