Just had a call from my GP saying I have become Hyperthyroid. TSH 0.07 Free T4 9.6. Am I?

I take 225mcgs and see an Endocrinologist. My result 12 months ago was TSH 0.03 Free T4 15.9. He was happy with that. My GP says I'm hyper because of my TSH even tho it is 0.04 up.

Range TSH 2-5 Free T4 7-17.

Please advise.

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I am tempted to advise you to find another GP...

How does he reckon you are hypER when your FT4 is only just off the bottom of the range and he has not tested your FT3?

However, your FT4 is low in range for someone on a large dose of thyroxine, so I think you probably need further investigations.

Will he refer you?

He said continue as I am and retest in 6 weeks

No. You're actually very hypo, not hyper. He's a numpty. By the look of things, you probably need some T3 but it's impossible to be sure without an FT3 test.

They don't offer that. He didn't even know my FT4 when he said I was Hyper. I am so fed up!!

Your FT3 has to be over range to declare you as hyper. A suppressed TSH can happen for many other reasons AND it is more of a pituitary test than a thyroid test.

You need to see a different doctor. And make sure the senior doctor at your practice knows about this. This person needs to bone up on thydroid problems before opening his mouth about them again. How unprofessional!

You are right. I am very well read on the condition so I knew his remark was ignorant. I do not understand though how being on 225mcgs I can still have such a low FT 4.

Thanks x

this is something else to put in a letter to the head of practice. S/he needs to know that your problem is not resolved: far from it.

Thanks x

The GP should go on how you are feeling, not medicating according to the TSH which varies throughout the day anyway. This is a link for info. Go to the date July 15, 2006 to read answer. My TSH was 0.01 and no problem with that.


and date January 25, 2002


Thanks x

I think the GP needs to go back to school. You need to have a Free T3 test (at the very minimum) before your GP can diagnose you as hyper, it can't be done just on the basis of a TSH test, which is clearly what he is trying to do.

With your free T4 being so low in the range I cannot imagine how your Free T3 could be over the range (which would indicate you having hyperthyroidism).

The thing that really needs to be investigated is whether you have secondary hypothyroidism i.e. perhaps your pituitary is incapable of producing TSH because it is diseased or damaged. Your GP is not the person to do those investigations, for that you need to see a good endo.

When first diagnosed my TSH was high and I was stable for 5 years on 125mcgs. Then 3 years ago I needed more. No way do I feel Hyper.

I would be amazed if you did feel hyper with such a low free T4.

Personally, I think you are suffering from both primary and secondary hypothyroidism.

Thanks for your thoughts. I shall read into this thanks x

Thanks x

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