Weight Gain on T4

Hi all, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing weight gain on T4. I had graves and the the old thyroid whipped out in 2010. 200mcg of T4 only with but D and B12 daily. I eat well and hit the gym. Yet it still piles on. When I have been disorganised and forgot to get a new prescription and missed doses.....I have lost weight. This leads me to think that T4 is not 100% effective for me and perhaps I am not converting to T3 so readily. Any similar experiences out there? Any advice? Can we get T3 in the UK?


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  • Weight gain is one of the commonest questions. I shall give a link below. You could enquire if an Endocrinologist could add some T3, seeing you've had your gland removed but I understand no-one will now prescribe T3 in the UK. It can be self-sourced but no info is permitted on the open forum.



  • Like you i have gained a significant amount of weight since having a total thyroidectomy and being on levothyroxine, despite eating healthy and maintaining a reasonable amount of exercise. Private T3 blood levels are low normal, Doctor says T3 meds would not be prescribed any more in UK!!, no response to question what happens if T3 goes under range.. On B12 3 monthly injections , do wander if my absorbtion problems can affect my thyroid meds.

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