16 year old daughter low folate and itchy!

16 year old daughter low folate and itchy!

My 16year old had vit d of 31 a couple of montgs ago. I thought her fatigue could be thyroid as i have Hashimotos but she negative for antibodies. Tsh is 2.79 and ft4 is 14.6 (range 12-22 ). Her vit d is now 93 but her itchy skin and palms drives her mad.

Without supplementing her b12 went from 282 to 412 but folate went from 13 to6.6 while on vit d supplements. Vit d is now 93.

She also gets patches of purple rashes which looks more like blood spots.Really appreciate any thoughts! Many thanks. Parathyroid was 2.7.

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Has your daughter been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and on medication?

No, her thyroid is still in range. Her ft3 was measured in march and it was 4.9 (3.7 -7.7 range) total t4 then was 70 (64.5-142 range). I am wondering though if it is thyroid. Her parathyroid is 2.7 so is in range too.

Not on any medication.

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