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Blood testing

I was just wondering that if you are having a blood test to test for coeliac disease will you 100% not get a positive result if you haven't consumed gluten fully for over a month or is there still a chance that antibodies can still be found, I have my prom in a month and don't want to be eating gluten just incase it is the cause of my abdominal bloating and I don't want to look pregnant for it, thanks!

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Haven't consumed*


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Hi. I don't think anyone would be able to say no, not 100% either way. But is it worth having the blood test if your not going to be confident of the results? (Although the blood test is by no means faultless in itself) Would it be worth waiting until after your prom and then rescheduling 6 weeks later? Those 6 weeks of gluten after having a bit of time without gluten are really difficult though. Good luck.


I'm not cancelling my blood test which in 2 days just in case they could see if I have the disease, I was just wondering will it be negative if I don't consume loads of gluten in the weeks before it or will they be able to tell just from the gluten I've been eating I the past 2 weeks, I don't want to be bloated for my prom so if I was to avoid it until after it


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