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Genetic and Metabolic Signals during Enteric Bacterial Infection Alter the Microbiota and Drive Progression to Chronic Inflammatory Disease

I personally have suffered from yersinia enterocolitica which caused very little gastric distress but triggered a lot of other type of nasty stuff. For years i have connected everything to YE but no one seems to know much of it. I had antibodies to YE at least for a decade so it was chronic.

There are a lot of people who doesnt know they have suffered from enteric bacterial infection and have no idea it could have caused their illness. Instead they are told they have IBS and they are stressed out.

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I'm sorry you've had no replies, Justiina. Thanks for posting.


No biggie in the end. I know people do not have time to read everything and some stuff doesn't interest them. But i try to post everything I find interesting as there might be some one, even just one person who benefit from that article! :)

This subject is important to me as I know I've had this infection and doctors keep ignoring it over and over again, so I dig deep everything I can find about it. Sort of obsessed about it, but as I feel so strong all I went through because of YE, loads of infections to septicaemia, is what caused all this, so I can't help myself! :D

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Sorry, I was late looking at this post, but found it very interesting. My mother has symptoms of IBS, but has been told that she doesn't have IBS and has had a colonoscopy which didn't show anything significant apart from some signs of slight diverticulitis.

What are the symptoms of gastric distress that you suffered from?


It started slowly after having YE. I got suddenly intolerant to dairy, but I didn't get diarrhoea at that point just nausea after drinking milk.

Then suddenly one morning I woke up with constant nauseous. Whatever I ate I felt sick. At that point skipping eating didn't cause fatigue so I just ate less.

Eventually it lead to awful bloating, couldn't wear pants. Walking would hurt my stomach, I got more intolerant to different food. I would have painful stomach cramps, green and yellow foamy diarrhoea. I had to eat just cooked potatoes, carrots and red meat stew for months to get my system settle down.

I still can't tolerate dairy, wheat, Rye, corn, rice nor banana. Otherwise I have much less symptoms, less nausea. B12, K2, vit D, vit A and l glutamine has helped.

So I assume I was finally able to shake of the bacteria during the years as for example YE goes hiding in the mucus in your gut. So just taking probiotics didn't fix the unbalance. I have eaten a lot of garlic, oregano and basil which are natural antibiotics. And it over here in finland the variety of different berries is amazing and they have healing abilities too. For example bilberry reduce inflammation big time.


Thanks very much for replying and giving me all the detail. I hope that your symptoms continue to lessen and that you eventually manage to settle your gut entirely.


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