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Hi folks

I know this is off topic so my apologies but i have been having Botox for migraines for a while now with great success and up until now no side effects, apart from nicely raised eyebrows and a wrinkle free forehead.

But after my last treatment which was over a month ago ( my fourth Botox treatment) my right eyebrow and eyelid has started to droop quite a lot to the point where i cant put any make up on it, i know it might seem vain but i have enough going on with my bloody Thyroid and i kinda liked my face but it is driving me mad my eyelid has come down a lot.

Has anyone else suffered with this after Botox treatment

Any advice would be great


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  • dotti, I know nothing about this, but if you put the words 'ptosis botox' into your favourite search engine beginning with g, you'll get lots of hits.

  • Thank you


  • Yes on my first round so second time she used half dose in that area.. mention it next time you go xx

  • I was once told by a doctor that Botox was a no-no if Hashimoto's is present.

    Any thoughts?

  • Thanks for the replies guys

    I dont have Hashi but i will certainly mention to my doc next time i go to use less in that area. Thanks again


  • I have suffered very badly in my time with severe migraines,I would have tried just about anything ( and did).

    I had an injection into the occipital nerve at the base of my head which was supposed to help, but it made it worse and it took weeks to settle down.

    I was then offered botox for it,but was concerned that if I had a bad reaction then it would be in my system for months and it could make it worse again.

  • I have to say the Botox has been a blessing apart from droopy eyelid , with out the Botox i would not be able to function very well at all, when i had my migraines i couldnt go to work and been self employed i have to be working.

    Other than the eye problem i have had no side effects the only other down side is the botox injections themself, i find them very,very painful .


  • my grandaughter has had botox for post traumatic chronic migraine its been useless and has always caused a 3 to 5 day 10/10 migraine instead of relieving the pain

    i think botix is an expensive and useless joke

  • Am so sorry that it didnt work for your grandaughter i know it doesnt work for everyone, i am just so thankful it worked for me. I was on so many different drugs that did nothing just made me ill and Botox was a last resort i get it on the N.H.S otherwise i couldnt afford to pay for it.


  • my grandaughter has had awful side effects within days from every awful drug they have thrown at her

    she has endured botox IV,lidocaine..IV DHEA which is akin to chemo,TMS and now a new vagus nerve gizmo...just the cost of to and fro from london plus her mothers lost hours of work totals 40k over last 3.5 years and the bastards who caused her injury are trying to claim her 8/10 24 hour a day 7 day a week hell of stabbing pains and resulting migraine are merely phychological

    No one would endure the treatments she has tried unkess they were in horrendous oain and desoerate to get their life back to before the injury

    The onky justice would be they suffer what she suffers and will do for life

  • Expensive?

    From what I can see, £64 to £129 per dose. Less than half the price of a one month supply of 20 microrgam liothyronine.

    Recommended re-treatment period = 12 weeks.

    So cost is around £20 to £50 a month, I reckon.

    Even if it were truly expensive, it is hardly dotti's responsibility and she should not be made to feel guilty for accepting the treatment.

  • Botox privately is £500 a session

  • How much do you think dotti's massive life improvement is worth?

  • if dotti has a quality of life thanks to botox its worth a fortune and should be totally available on NHS

    Our 3 local nueros have refused point blank to even see my grandaughter much less offer any treatment beyond awful drugs hence travelling to London is only answer

    She is under the so called "worlds leading headache expert " in london on NHs but between 3 to 4 hours travelling there and back and always waiting at least 2 to 3 hours to even be seen thanks to a pathetically disorganised system in brightly lit and very noisy waiting room to basically get nowhere its soul destroying

    All she wants is to be back to her before injury state and take up her place to study law at Oxford ...she is a brilliant scholar but the toll the non stop pain is taking on her is horrendous ...others would simply have given up the struggle long ago

  • Thats is so terrible i really sympathize i know how truly awful the pain is, i am lucky my neuro tried all the drugs first and when that failed he decided to do Botox, in the area i am in if all drugs fail botox is the next step, but with all the cuts in the NHS i wouldnt be surprised if eventually they stopped it.

    I did try Feverfew herbal tablets at one point and they did reduce my symptoms a little but not enough for me to fully function, apparently feverfew can reduce migraine symptoms in some people.


  • As an added thought i did see a chiropractor before the botox treatment and had neck manipulation which really helped at first but i stopped going after it was discovered my migraines are caused by spondylosis in my neck .

    I hope your grand daughter finds some peace


  • i think my grandaughters problems are far worse because she has stabbing pains from point of impact and the resulting migraine was in the background but suddenly blew to full blown with accompanying nausea she spent a solid 14 weeks so bad that only a totally dark silent room would do and was in and out of hospital on a drip bcos she got dehydrated .....she has to take 2 anti sickness drugs and often even a 3rd one thats reserved for chemo patients she has had GON injections too

    The sheer exhaustion from the non stop pain is a big part of the problem too

    They wasted precious time trying one awful drug after another and then the awful DHEA along with one false promise after another ....the NHS have been truly useless but we truly fear for her because she has absolutely no life at all

  • I dont know what area you are in but my Neuro is the top migraine specialist in the Uk, he is a brilliant man if you pm me i can give you his details and the hospital he is based at i am in the east riding of yorkshire. May be he can offer some help .


  • As i said earlier without it i would have no life i didnt have a life for a long time and what with thyroid probs horrendous, i do hope your grandaughter will one day find something that will free her from this awful pain.

    I thank my lucky stars that i can enjoy life a lot better


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