Morning sorry I am on a roll here today with my questions. I have suffered from depression ever since I was 14, diagnosed with Asthma at 18 and suffered severe tiredness from early twenties together with psoriasis and severely flaking nails. I didn't know the cause of these things back then it's only knowing what I know now and with the help of this forum that I realise most of these symptoms were probably an undiagnosed Underactive Thyroid. I was eventually prescribed Antidepressants in my early 40s and eventually medication for the Underactive Thyroid. However I am still taking the Antidepressants and I have noted from others questions about them that you say that they must not be taken because it will make the Thyroid problem worse! I am not sure what to do now because the antidepressants have kept me on an even keel for the past 8 years! I would love to hear your views about the effect on the Thyroid and why are Antidepressants a big no no thank you.

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  • JewelsP,

    Please don't take everything said on the forum as Gospel. Some people attribute every ailment to thyroid even if the diagnosis was made decades before or after thyroid dysfunction developed and was diagnosed. There are many reasons for depression and low thyroid is only one of them. If depression is due to low thyroid it will resolve once thyroid replacement is optimal.

    Anti-depressants are a huge no-no for some people who have never needed them but they shouldn't impose their prejudice on those that find or found benefit from anti-depressants. Some anti-depressants can affect absorption and uptake of Levothyroxine but that means the Levothyroxine dose will have to be adjusted to accommodate that.

    I was taking Sertraline when I had a thyroidectomy. If Levothyroxine didn't work my thyroid levels would have been very low and TSH sky high. That wasn't the case.

  • Clutter do you mind me asking how you got on with sertraline? I had TT 5 years ago and have been suffering from anxiety my GP has just prescribed me sertraline I m a bit nervous about taking it but need to gain a better quality of life

    Thanks Piedo

  • Piedo,

    I was switched to it from another AD. I had no adverse effects but didn't really notice any improvement in the depression it was prescribed for either. I have heard people say that their anxiety has improved when taking Sertraline.

  • I have had sertraline in the past. Initial side effects were rather more than other anti-depressants but after that just the normal dry mouth. But it was very good for my raging anxiety at the time, although leaving my then partner proved to be a better, drug free, alternative. It made little difference to my depression at the time, but if truth be told I knew it wasn't depression as I had suffered before.

    I don't think that there is any scientific proof of a connection, but I am anxiety free for the first time in my life since childhood. Others have reported the same effect from the ketogenic diet I've been following since October.

  • Thank you so much for your detailed response Clutter this have given me another perspective. The antidepressant which I take has helped me no end so I will stay with it for the time being.

  • #Clutter thanks for that info such good advice on this site am learning so much

  • As Clutter says keep an open mind. But I think there cAn be two types of depression and may be one is down to be undermedicated. I should think you need to look at the overall picture and make sure your thyroid healthis good firdtcand then see about whether you could try cutting down on the AD though I insgine there ware right and wrong ways of doing that.

  • Glynisrose

    Thank you for making me aware of this. Can you supply an evidence link for this please.

  • Opatija,

    Glynisrose has been challenged numerous times to substantiate that "anti-depressants negate thyroxine" but has never done so to date so her post has been deleted.

  • Clutter

    I have used anti-depressants for over 40 years, and was concerned by Glynisrose's opinion. I do appreciate your response and thank you for deleting the post.


  • Opatija,

    That is precisely why we (admins) have repeatedly warned and deleted responses which are unsupported by any evidence.

    (Honest personal experience and opinion is fine, so long as it is clear that is what it is.)

  • Helvella

    Yes, I completely understand this. I am grateful to all admins for their expertise, and correctness in managing this forum, and to forum members for their balanced views. The work of this forum to all of us struggling with thyroid issues is invaluable.


  • I was just mulling over this subject - as one does. I wonder if the problem lies with so many people being given anti-depressants when they are actually hypothyroid? And in most cases the hypothyroidism simply worsens, eventually being so overwhelming that even **** doctor has to admit that is the problem! So there probably is a correlation between anti-depressants and worsening thyroid status. But correlation and causation are not the same thing!

    Anti-depressants, especially Prozac have been (mis) used as stimulants for a long time. Remember all the yuppies on prozac in the 80s?

    Genuine depression is seriously debilitating, and I was genuinely depressed in my teens and twenties, but once my post-natal depression lifted I suffered far less, and not at all in the last 10 years. I'm 66.

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