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Adrenal stress test results

I would really appreciate help with understanding my cortisol results from Blue Horizon

Cortisol saliva :-

Waking (H) 21.95 (14-21) nmol/L

12noon 8.01 (4-9)

14.00pm (H) 12.74 (3-8)

16.00 6.79 (2.5-7)

18.00 (H) 10.46 (2.5-7)

Before bed (H) 4.83 (0.8-4.5)

I hope this is readable as I'm sending from my mobile.

Thanks to anyone who can advise.

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Not an expert, but these results look OK to me :-)


I had a similar profile to yours in February this year but with 3 of the results higher than range. I had DHEA tested too and that was below range. My private dr gave me DHEA capsules and adrenal support capsules.

Have you had a lot of stress in your life recently? I had been very stressed before that test. I had also had a short synacthen test a few days earlier (ordered by the NHS endocrinologist). I now believe that the injection of hormone from that test in addition to the stress caused the high readings. I didn't know at the time how to handle the stress and just tried to work through it.

You can deal with the high cortisol by taking time for yourself, reducing any stressors as much as possible. Eating a healthy diet and not over exercising.

I am currently reading an excellent book on Amazon kindle, "Adrenal Fatigue, cure it naturally" by Carmen Reeves. It's not expensive and the information is extremely helpful.

Basically the adrenals will churn out a lot of cortisol to help you cope with the stresses of life, but if the stress becomes chronic, you will use up all of your reserves and then you will suffer a crash (adrenal exhaustion).

I have just suffered the crash and am now working on recovery. My cortisol levels in the test I took 2 weeks ago are virtually non-existent. It will probably take quite a while for me to recover now because I didn't take action earlier. I hope this is helpful and that you can avoid a crash.

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Thank you for your thorough response Maggie0652

I have a huge amount of stress in my life and I'm at a loss to know how to deal with it. I've been searching the internet to see how to deal with these cortisol levels. I'm aware high morning cortisol is seen as normal but the rest look too high for my liking. I've dropped these results into my GP today but because they were done privately I'm not sure how she will respond. I'm also self medication with T3 for hypothyroidism and this doesn't go towards building a good Dr patient relationship.

I'll order the book on kindle...thank you for the evommendation.


If you can find some time for yourself, once or twice a day, even if it's only for 10 mins and completely relax with some deep breathing exercises it will help a lot. You can find relaxation exercises on YouTube, or just play some nice music.

I'm self-medicating T3 too. However, if your adrenals are out of sync you won't feel the benefit of your medication.

My GP practice is hopeless, I don't even bother passing my test results to them any more. Endocrinologist is worse than useless as well!!

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I do have to close off from things and take some time to myself.

At least we are taking our life into our own hands. If we had to rely on some gp's we'd never get to optimal health.


Hi, Lynn. My apologies. I was wrong to suggest your levels looked OK. I don't know enough about adrenals to comment. Should have kept my virtual gob shut. If it's any comfort, I would prefer to be in your position as you now have a chance to do something about your stress levels. I, on the other hand, have unknowingly gone past your stage and now have adrenals that appear to be nigh-on catatonic. I've had a word with them, but they've simply ignored me and gone back to sleep. If it isn't one thing it's another... Hang on! Something just stirred... Nope. It was just wind...


It's ok Steviecat, we are all on here trying to learn what we can!

I doubt my GP will do anything, I'm going it alone in the health battle. Sounds much the same for you from what you are saying.

I hope you have some luck on the rocky journey!


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