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NHS or Private bloods for checkups?

Hi all

I am due for my first 6 week blood test to look at medication result (been on 25mcg levo) I am really worried about doctor doing the tests as the 4 I had before my BH tests were all in range according to doctor only the BH test showed I had Hashimotos.

I know it sounds silly but I'm sure these are fixed to come back normal, my conspiracy theory head!

Has anyone else felt like this? Just took me so long to get diagnosed, frightened they will say I'm ok again !

Can anyone advise please

Thank you

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If you can get your NHS tests first thing in the morning then go with the NHS to save yourself some money.

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Will that be as effective Bluebug? And fast before I'm guessing ? What is the best time ? Many thanks 🙏


They will test TSH and should test free T4 now you are on levo.

You need to make sure your appointment is first thing in the morning, so make excuses if you have to get it then. (If you are like me and go to a hospital just turn up 5 minutes before the it opens.) Fast over night - you can drink water - and don't take your dose of levo until after the test.

Blue Horizon and Medichecks use the same labs as the NHS for a lot of their tests so the ranges will only be different due to it being a different lab.

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Great thank you really good advice


Please get copies of your blood tests from your doctor and keep them for your own records. You can put them on here for supportive comments. You are legally entitled to these.



Thank you will do


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