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Hello, everyone.

I understand that (thorough) blood work is the way to go, and I'm going to obtain that from a lab in the very near future, but for the moment I have a question about body temperature.

My temperature first thing in the morning can be very low - around 35.3C/95.54F - but throughout the afternoon and evening I hover around the 37C/98.6F mark. In matters of the thyroid, is it the basal temperature that tells us the most? I do feel like death, and tick a fair few boxes on the thyroid front, but for a fair chunk of the day, my temperature is more or less perfect.


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  • I believe this is known as the Broda Barnes Basal Temp test as he discovered that hypo patients have low temp on waking. This is info:-


    It alsot can a positive but not always

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