Temperature Symptoms?

Hi there I've been newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and this is just something that's been bothering me on and off.

I've always loved hot showers, but when my partner and I share time in the shower he wants it on what he calls "warm" but to me it's like a little below tepid! If I have it on my kind of temperature and he's there he finds it scalding but I don't. I could have it on the highest setting and even when my skin goes red from the heat I don't feel I'm warm enough.

Also, last night I went out for a walk - and it was really warm last night where we live - and even with a cool breeze my toes started to go numb! I went out again earlier on today and the same thing happened.

Anyone else experience this? Is this from the hypothyroidism, and will it go away once my body accepts the T4 medication I take?

Thanks for any input x

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  • Sounds like your core temp is low and you are getting a bit of Raynaulds syndrome. I can get that even on a warm day. Why dont you check your temp and keep a chart so you know how you are doing on the meds and can show the GP as well.



  • Hi there Roslin thanks for your answer.

    I was diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome at the start of the year funnily enough, but when the warm weather came back I didn't expect to still experience the symptoms as I always associated them with cold weather and that was when they were more prominent and severe.

    I went abroad to a hot country in January and within two days of being in the sun the skin on my toes started to crack and then improve! Touch wood, they haven't gotten as discoloured as of yet, so for me to keep a chart might come in handy. Thanks for the link by the way!

    Does Raynauds coincide with Hashi's or hypothyroidism incidentally?

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Blossom

    I dont have Hashi's as I don't have a thyroid but I still have a number of autoimmune conditions. As jackie says, if you have one you are predisposed to others. Raynauld's can come on with other things as well, like vibration, or prolonged pressure I can get it when driving for a long time. I think the important thing is not to let your toes or fingers be white for too long as it hurts when the blood comes back. If it is really severe it can be serious. I used to live in Western Australia but still had it(but less)Some drugs can make it worse like Propanalol.


  • Hi Rosin thanks for your feedback!

    Yes, there have been times when I've gone as far as wear two layers of socks for my feet during really cold weather and even wearing bedsocks in bed - even during weather like we have right now in the UK. I bought some thermal socks on eBay and they couldn't have done enough for me, they are perfect!

    Take care xx

  • Sorry Roslin I mispelt your name!! :)

  • Hi I have loads of autoimmune diseases and others that include thyroid , I also have Raynaulds but that is not how you describe it, I always thought my terrible coldness was down to thyroid and my heart failure. However, I discovered I had severe diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal, with very similar symptoms to thyroid to start with. make sure yo have had Diabetes tested. When mine is bad again, I am always frozen. I hope that helps.


  • Hi Jackie, I was tested for diabetes incidentally as I have a family history of it and my mum has it. Luckily I don't have it but I've been suspected of having anaemia since I'm quite fair!

    Thanks for your help xx

  • Hi again, just saw your second question in reply. Thyroid disease mostly is autoimmune and means you are subject to others, there are lots including Raynaulds, Migraines, Caeliac disease and Diabetes. The list is endless. They do not all appear and if they do , it is at different times and gradual but best to watch out for them! As one of my top docs always says "they like to hang around together"


  • Hi again Jackie, yes, looking further into thyroid disease and autoimmune conditions like Raynaud's in online articles I can see why your doctor says they like to hand around together!

    Unfortunately my doctor has not put this suggestion to me but then again they might not see a link which, ideally, they should, as it's their job lol!

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Well it was my Hepatologist ( liver) one of the top consultants in the country.I am so lucky to have him to care for me, he really does too! The hormonal autoimmune conditions common with thyroid, Diabetes, Ferritin.. B12 and foliates and vit D ( corrected calcium before treatment if D low). The B12 ,, Ferritin and iron need to be quite high in range. and repeated at least once a year. I was borderline Diabetic for 20 years, always ate correctly etc, had annual test, suddenly made me very ill, 6 months after the test.Always make sure you have a print out + ranges from any doctor doing bloods, often they say fine , when we would not! Diabetes, I am very underweight etc , so not classic for it!

    I hope you find the cause, I would also make sure my thyroid is right, TSH, T4 ( top third of range) and Free T3 ( near the top). I hope that helps it is horrible being cold, I know, I have a husband who always leaves doors wide open! Temperature control of the body is often hormonal of various sorts too.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie thanks for your response.

    Yes, I'm not exactly classic for Hypothyroid as I'm not overweight. I've filled out a little bit and gained more weight but I've lost a bit of weight through not being able to eat very well (I had problems swallowing for around about a year before now).

    I can eat fine now, but from what I've read on some articles people with hypo are typically overweight - but I'm not! Because my TSH was sky high from the last blood test I'm kind of hoping that I'd be proved wrong by putting on weight sometime soon! Although I get the impression that for the high TSH to have had any effect would take more than a few days for me to notice. :o

    I've got a temperature graph printed out and I have a thermometer so I'll start tracking with that - only thing is I've now started my period so I'm not sure if I can write any temperature readings during blood flow.

    Take care xx

  • Hi My Endo says that you can be underweight etc, in fact all the symptoms of Hyper and Hypo can be the same, unusual though. That is why bloods so vital. I am very underweight! I would make a list of your main symptoms and talk to the GP about them. just pick the obvious ones that everyone knows of.In cases like that, it is why all the bloods are essential and may be Endo input too.

    Thyroid disease can be really complicated.


  • Can't speak for Raynaud's but +1 that even without specifically related conditions emerging that hypothyroidism leads to low temperature and sensitivity to what other people might not regard as cold - especially in the extremities.

    There would normally be other hypo symptoms about too though - stuff like muscle aches, easy tiredness etc. There's lots of lists of hypo symptoms about.

    Shower temperature might be another matter - we can get used to a temperature after a few minutes that at first feels unbearably hot...


  • Hi, funny you should say that about shower temperature as I didn't completely expand on that in my question!!

    When I have the water on really hot it does get unbearably hot at first but then I get used to it and then to me doesn't feel hot enough. Does that necessarily mean that that's normal or...is a hypo symptom? I'm only just diagnosed hypo so I'm not sure what's normal and what isn't.


  • HI B. Don't really know, but suspect it's normal that we get used to heat - and probably that we have difefrent levels of tolerance. There's been lots of times mind you while hypo when a shower was a great way to warm up. :)

  • Hi Vajra thanks for your response.

    Yes, I can see where you're coming from when you say a shower is a great way to warm up - especially during the cold weather! :)

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