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Source T3 online

Hi Guys

Can anyone please PM me where I can find T3 online ? My doctor said she would refer me to an endo for T3 at the beginning of the month and also for ultrasound on my thyroid as it's swollen then I found out yesterday she has done neither 😡I didn't think she would as she made it quite clear she didn't believe me until I had the BH full screen done and know seems peed off with me for proving her wrong. The amount of times I saw her roll her eyes in my appointment and the atmosphere created by the fact she wanted me to go was tangible ! Would appreciate any help as always. Thank you in advance.

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Dexterpuppy It would be better to give Levo a decent go. You were given your first prescription for 25mcg only 3-4 weeks ago. You should be having a retest in about 3 weeks' time and an increase in dose, then another test, another increase, etc.

From your thread when you posted your BH results your FT4 was 10.3 (12-22) and FT3 was 3.8 (3.1-6.8). So at the moment you need you need to see how well Levo works for you and how well you convert before considering T3. It will take a few increases in dose to get your levels up so that will take a few months. You really need to do this first rather than jumping in with adding T3 when you don't even know if you need it.

You also need to work on optimising vitamins and minerals because no thyroid hormone can work until they are, particularly when ferritin is 36.

What about your antibodies? Have you gone gluten free? Are you supplementing with selenium? As well as helping to reduce antibodies, selenium aids conversion of T4 to T3.

All these things need to be addressed first.


Hi Susie

Thank you for the reply I have got all the vitamins you suggested previously and am also having Aloe Vera gel and probiotics. I'm having mostly gluten free hard when your on the road all the time but I'm persevering. It's my weight gain, chronic exhaustion and joint pain that are affecting g me the most and my mum said T3 really helped her with weight loss and energy.

I will persevere with this but would also really like to see the endo. Thank you as always for your brilliant advice 😘


Interesting that the T3 helped your mum.

Have you had the DNA test to see if you can convert T4 to T3?

Just wondering as can be hereditary?

I haven't read your previous posts so apologies if you've already discussed this...


Hi ozone girl no I haven't had the DNA test but I'd like to! Yes hereditary, both my man mum and sister all hypo 😳


It would probably be worth having the test before seeing endo' because if you have inherited the gene through your mother it would make a good case for him prescribing you T3.

Worth doing some research on possible endos before seeing one too!

Are there any GPs in your practice who might be more sympathetic? Suggest taking your mum in with you next time - GP possibly more likely to be civil?

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Push for ultrasound! Again, take your mum with you!

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Hi Hun yes there is one on Louise's list and the one mum sees so asked to see him. And will be going back this week and taking partner 😉 Thanks for your advice will look into getting test booked.x


Hi guys ultrasound came back 'satisfactory ' that was all they would tell me ?


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