Are parabens in ThyroidS safe?

I've recently increased my ThyroidS because latest TSH results were 28.5. So I'm increasing from 1 to 2. However, I noticed fillers used in ThyroidS contain Methyl paraben and Propyl paraben

A recent study found that hypothyroid patients should avoid parabens like the plague. Are parabens cacenogenic?

Can anyone recommend a safer NDT with online without prescription? My GP refuses to assist.

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  • "Are parabens carcenogenic?"

    Lots of links that come up when you Google say they are.

    If you can cope with a block of text, here is a report from PubMed

    From what I understand, a lot of people do well on Thyroid-S, it seems a shame it has so many unwanted ingredients in it.

  • Thank you SeasideSusie

    This article indicates that these parabens are safe-ish. Poor animals though 😢

    Methylparaben was noncarcinogenic when injected subcutaneously in mice or rats, or when administered intravaginally in rats, and was not cocarcinogenic when injected subcutaneously in mice.

    Propylparaben was noncarcinogenic in a study of transplacental carcinogenesis. Methylparaben was nonteratogenic in rabbits, rats, mice, and hamsters, and Ethylparaben was nonteratogenic in rats.

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