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need help

Hello again , ok need help to get the right info to my doctor in three week (phone app only )so I have to be armed and ready ,I have got two books to read and reading this site too , I'm having bloods done this week by medichecks ( post )

I need numbers only so I can match it with my bloods ,

TSH (I know this one thanks to you ) 1 or under


Do any one get pins and needles in your feet too ??

And legs going dead ??

thanks again for all your help so far

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nicky-nicky159 The trouble is, we know the numbers where things are optimal but that doesn't mean anything to our doctors, as far as they are concerned if it's in range then that's fine.

For us, knowing that optimal is necessary for thyroid hormone to work properly, these are the numbers

Vit D - 100-150nmol/L

B12 - very top of range, even 900-1000

Folate - half way through it's range

Ferritin - minimum of 70, recommended is half way through it's range

For thyroid tests, generally we feel best when TSH is 1 or below with FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of their respective reference ranges, but we are individuals and may feel best elsewhere in the range.

TPO and TG antibodies - well, you just need to know if they are positive or negative, over or under the range.

Did you email Louise for the Pulse article that Clutter linked to the other day? The information in there will help.

Pins and needles - B12??

Post your Medichecks results when you have them for comment.

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Hello again , Thanks for the help But you say FOLATE half way through it range , What is the range ??

And the same FT4 TT4 FT3 .

I have email Louise again



I have email , but the email will not though have I got the right email ??


you have put an l in the word thyroid - did you do that in your mail too ?


yes what am I like :-)

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The range varies from lab to lab - hence SeasideSusie said halfway in range. Also ranges for the others vary from lab to lab - so go by the ones that are given. Just ensure you get copies of the results for your own records.


I know its silly but I like numbers like 1 to 4 but 5 is bad :-)


When you have the results with ranges and you post them here - all will be revealed :-) Am afraid life ain't that simple when it comes to testing and understanding the results - but hey people here can help. Please read the posts of others to help you understand what both SeasideSusie and myself are trying to help you with ....

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Marz has explained about ranges and why we can't tell you what numbers you need to be looking for.

For some reason, reference ranges aren't standard, it would be so much better if they were. And Medichecks ranges are different from your GP's ranges so that adds to the problem.


Going by the general assumption that most treated hypo patients feel better when FT4 is in the upper third of it's range, from your previous thread with your GP results:

FT4: 11.1 (9.00-19.00) - with that range most treated hypo patients would feel best with a result of around 15.67+

BUT that is a generalisation and none of us know where YOU will feel best in the range.


From someone else's post two weeks ago, where they put their Medichecks results, the following are their current ranges


FT4 - range 12-22 - most treated hypo patients feel better in the upper third so that would be around 18.67+

FT3 - range 3.1-6.8 - most treated hypo patient feel better in the upper quarter so that would be about 5.87+

TOTAL T4 (59.00 - 154.00) - there is no recommended level. This test isn't particularly useful, it tells you how much bound thyroxine you have and it's Free Thyroxine (FT4) that is important. Obviously if you are under range that's a problem.

TG ANTIBODIES (0.00 - 115.00) - so to be negative it needs to be under 115, ideally as low as possible

TPO ANTIBODIES (0.00 – 34.00) - so to be negative it needs to be under 34, ideally as low as possible.

If either of the antibodies are over the range you would be positive for autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's.

FOLATE (3.89 - 26.80) - so at least half way through is 15.34+

FERRITIN (13.00 - 150.00) - so half way through range is 81.5 and we need a minimum of 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly.

CRP (0.00 - 5.00) - over 5 is an indication of inflammation somewhere in the body.


So with all that information you should be able to interpret your own results :)


Just remember that doctors don't like us getting private tests done and yours may very well reject them and tell you it's a bogus lab or some such nonsense. That is your opportunity to challenge him to do the tests himself.

I think it's rather unfortunate that you have a telephone appointment. In my experience when you want to discuss a point, face to face is desirable. With a telephone appointment this gives the GP the opportunity to talk over you so that you can't get your point across (happened to me). Also, are you going to send in your Medichecks results beforehand so that the GP has them in​ front of him? Just giving them to him verbally over the phone won't be ideal, he may not make a note of them, he may just be interested in poo-pooing them without knowing what the results are (and there are 11 tests for him to look at).



This I'm starting to understand , The GP will be getting a copy of results and a letter from me too so when the call comes we should be on the same page (I hope) but if he is no help I have a appointment a week after with a lady GP , I am being push to one side any more .Thanks again for your help


SCROLL down in the above link to read of the neurological signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency - of which pins and needles is one. Your B12 needs to be over 500 - your Doc will not be aware - sadly :-(


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