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Getting Frustrated

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am 34 years old. I have had many test's done by my GP over the years for under active thyroid, but always says the results are *fine*. I don't know what tests have been done or what the levels of those results are but every time I research my problems that have got worse over the past year it always brings me back to my thyroid. My mum has an under active thyroid and it took years to get her diagnosis. My Nan had her thyroid removed. I am always tired. I can not remember the last time I didn't feel like i was in my 80's. I get constipated, I have dry skin, thinning frizzy nasty hair, I have ridges in my thumb nails and soft nails. I am always cold. If I put pressure on my hands my finger tips go numb. I have no sex drive at all, to the point I can not bear to be touched or kissed which my husband is not so pleased about. My muscles are always achy and pull really easily. Sometimes my heart races at over 100 beats per minute when i am doing nothing at all. I was always that annoying skinny cow weighing around 8 stone at 5ft 7 and now I am over 11 stone but my diet has not changed. I have irregular periods. I have become really lazy and really down. I have been diagnosed as having PCOS which may be related to some of my symptoms. Around 18 months ago I was diagnosed as anemic and low on VIT D which have been treated and are back to normal but I have seen no improvement in my symptoms, as i said they have been getting worse. This is really affecting my day to day life now. I have looked into private blood tests but I can not afford them. I do not know what to do. Can anyone help? Sorry for such a long post but I do not know what else to do. Thank You x

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Hello Kelly and welcome

Firstly, get your blood test results from your practice. They are yours and there should be no problem at all in your getting them. If your practice is already signed up to patient access online,

you can punch a button and see a graph showing any variance. As you have had tests for years, they will be very useful not least to see if your levels are stable.

There are lots of things for you to do which cost only time not money. Reading others posts on here is a good start there is a wealth of informed discussion here and you will often find yourself communing with others in your situation. To the right you will find a section entitled 'Can't get diagnosed' and looking through these posts may give you a firmer idea of whether you have a thyroid problem.

If you have, you are not 'lazy' you have no energy - the two are not related, although I can see too many medics curling their lips at that one... suck on this :P

Secondly you need to know that if there is an issue with your thyroid there is no such thing as 'fine' or 'normal'. Your GP sounds 'normal' and decidedly not 'fine'.

Thirdly thyroid problems tend to run in families. I really hope it doesn't run in yours; this condition is misunderstood and often mistreated by the very people who we expect to help us back to wellness.


Thank you so much for the reply. My mum, her mum and one of her sisters have problems with there thyroid of it is possible. I will get my results and post them here and also look at the tread you recommend.


Definitely get copies of your results and post them, with ranges, in a new message.

There is a very good free series online at the moment which I think is relevant to anyone with your symptoms, with or without a diagnosis.

There are lots of things you can try such as going gluten free. Ideally get GP to test for celiac disease first, but then, whatever the result, it's worth a gluten free trial to see if your symptoms improve. An anti-inflammatory diet can be helpful and can help identify food sensitivities (many people are unaware they have them):



I have been tested for that before and it was all normal, I have had so many tests done over the years. I have the patient access but not a full one so will be getting in touch with my GP on Monday to get that sorted


Do you mean the celiac test? Still worth a gluten free trial as there is such a thing as non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Many people here have it and notice an improvement in symptoms and antibodies after going gluten free. Having said that it's not the only food sensitivity, others include dairy, nuts, soy, corn, etc:


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