Bad reaction to Jarrow B-Right?

Hi All,

I have been taking B12 regularly for a while now and wanted to add a B-complex to ensure B vitamins in balance. Took Jarrow B-Right at 3pm and seemed to have an awful reaction. Took it about 3pm. By 5pm felt really awful - literally struggling to keep my eyes open, but with a tight feeling in chest and felt like heart beating too fast. Had to sleep for about three hours, then went back to bed and slept again from about 10pm-8am this morning. I usually feel tired but that was like nothing i'd ever experienced before - sudden fatigue out of nowhere...

I've done some looking online already and seems people can react to certain B vitamins. Seems like the most common one is B6 but i've taken that before (up to 50mg) without a reaction. Just wondered if anyone knew what it is likely to have been a reaction to? Has anyone experienced similar? Really surprised me. Thanks.

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Could be methylfolate , as if you have any methylation issues then methylfolate should be started on low dose. Although I react to cheap complex B and get palpitations. Jarrow B right isnt cheap brand, but still. I took only quarter of complex B and gradually increased but never got comfortable with it.

What are methylation issues? Sorry never heard this term before. Thanks for your reply :)

Certain gene mutations could cause methylation issues. Even though you would be deficient to folate it is very potent and it would need to be increased slowly.

Thanks, will look in to this. :)

littlepotofjelly A few members have said they didn't get on with Jarrow's B Right. I don't suggest it any more.

It could be the brand orbit could be one of the B vits or one of the fillers.

If you want a B Complex without fillers then take a look at Metabolics B Complex

Thanks SeasideSusie. Strange - seems like such a strong reaction, never reacted like that to a vitamin tablet before, interesting that others have had issues. It seems like the Jarrows one is particularly high dose - more so than the Metabolics... so maybe that's a better one to try... Thanks.

I started off with Thorne Basic B and did well on it, it raised my folate level from bottom to top of range in 2.5 months. One capsule daily.

One capsule of Metabolics is very close to half the amounts in Thorne Basic B. So you have the choice depending on your needs, take 2 capsules if you need the higher dose that Thorne gives, or just take 1 capsule if you don't need such a high dose.

Last time I looked, Thorne basic B x 60 capsules - £19.61 for 60 servings. Metabolics x 180 capsules - £22.85 for 90 servings at the same strength as Thorne so works out cheaper.

Thanks :)

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