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Iron, Transferrin, Ferritin Test Results

I had a private blood test to check Iron and Ferritin levels because of a cluster of symptoms that have become particularly dominant in the last month or so.

Should I be concerned about these results?

Iron Serum 91µg/100ml (50-170) Previous result - 111 20/09/2016

Transferrin 260g/L (1.73-3.60)

Total Transferrin capacity 363µg/100ml (250-450)

Co-efficient of Transferrin 25% (20-40)

Ferritin 205ng/ml Previous result - 68 29/7/2015 Severe risk of iron overload Adults >150ng/ml

Levothyroxine Dose: 125 µg uplifted to 137.5 µg at beginning of April. If THS levels are ok in June then a further uplift to 150 µg will be implemented.

I would be grateful for just initial thoughts at the moment - its complicated.

Many thanks

Whte Mist

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Your ferritin is too high.

Do you have a full blood count with a haemoglobin, also called haemoglobin estimate, result? If so please post it.

Also if you are supplementing iron and/or eating liver please stop immediately.

If you are not then please say so.


Thanks for your reply bluebug.

I did not think to ask for the haemoglobin. But good idea.

Not supplementing with iron. Before the blood test, have eaten liver only once since last year.

White Mist


Sorry your answer is confusing due to your punctuation.

Were you taking iron supplements at all? If you were even if you stopped a few weeks or a few days before the blood test it would effect the blood test result.

Now you don't need any iron supplements as you risk poisoning yourself if you continue to use them.


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