urgent drs today 4.20 (gross) women only

well its week 7 maybe 8 of period and today i feel lousy

this morning i got out of bed and felt like i was wetting myself (sorry)

it happened a couple more times through this morning and has eased up a bit now but i feel a drs visit is needed as feel lethargic, its a huge effort to get up and after walking up the stairs im so out of breath, and breathless while sitting doing nothing

also yesterday while shopping i was getting pains in the centre of my upper back and kept breaking out in a sweat

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You've probably become iron anaemic after bleeding for so long and that will be why you're feeling lethargic and breathless and experiencing back pain. Let me know how you get on at the doctor's.

i got told off for not reporting sooner even though its been mentioned twice to two drs and endocrinologist

shes booked me in for urgent bloods monday, hormones and iron and an urgent referal for a scan, she said if they dont see anything on the scan then ill have to have a vaginal scan :(

i have to take the norethisterone to stop the bleeding as its still bright red and mefenamic acid to help stop the bleed

she thinks im more than likely anemic


Thank goodness you've found someone to listen now.

she is actually the dr that told me levothyroxine wouldnt make me sick as she is on it and has never been ill

i think she was quite worried

she told me blood results will be back tuesday and she will call with any concerns

i should be taking one spatone a day for now but chemist was out until monday

Don't take any iron supplements between now and your blood test. It could distort the results. Read what the NHS says about fasting testing for iron :


STTM has more stringent suggestions on not taking iron before testing :


ok no iron

i asked her about fasting and she told me quite sternly no as i might faint

Okay. I don't know how you feel, but the decision is yours, not your doctor's, as to whether you fast or not.

If you want to eat before the blood test, make it something that doesn't include iron. So, no meat for example.

blood test is 9.20 i dont normally eat until 10ish, all i wil have is my coffee

So pleased to read that the doctor who you saw today @mandy72 is actually doing something about your symptoms......I hope all will be well again soon.Good luck with the bloodtests and scan(s),

Good to hear you were taken seriously. Rest and relax until your appointment.

My sister is going through exactly the same thing at the moment ,she's just off for a scan ,she's been having bleeding and clots for 5 years ,drs were trying to control it with a coil ,but she had to have it removed because it was so painful ,there was a small fibroid which showed up on a very old scan (they previously told her not too worry about).

She has a new dr now who assured her they will help her and take out anything which might be causing a problem.

Keep updating with your posts I can pass on to her any helpful information.

Best wishes

Oh dear mandy72 a period lasting that long poor you. I read your previous post where you said the doctor seemed unconcerned about this.....well he is a man springs to mind ! When you see your doc today I would make sure you tell him all your symptoms and tell him you want to know exactly what is going on and what he is going to do about it. Blood tests, examination, blood pressure etc etc. Don't be fobbed off. 😀 Good luck.

ive replied to clutter, blood pressure is low end of good

Like @Clutter said it's most probably anemia causing your symptoms, no wonder if you bleed that much.

You really need to see a doctor , being very anemic is huge stress for system as you do not have enough red cells to carry oxygen around. Your heart and lungs are under a lot of stress.

True, but as she has been bleeding for almost two months she is most probably anemic. I have had two of these cases in my family recently. My sister in law had a cyst size of an orange pressing her back.

I couldn't comment on anything else as I have no clue.

Anemia needs to be adressed at first anyway as if she is severely anemic she couldn't even have any type of surgery if necessary.

reply on clutters reply

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