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I'm just posting so see if I can get some help please, I take my Levo at night rather than morning but my Doctor and pharmacist keep insisting I take it in the morning, anyone have any idea why they feel it's better, I'm up at 5 for work and out the house by 6:45 not really giving me time to enjoy a morning coffee before I leave the house, why do they feel morning is better? Any help would be great please Thanks

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JC61 If night time dosing is working for you then ignore the pharmacist and doctor. It's nothing to do with them​ so don't even discuss it with them.

Quite a few members find that night time dosing works better for them.

That's just the answer I was hoping for 😊 thank you Susie

It might be the answer you were hoping for but unless "Susie " is a licensed physican and has examined you, done your labs and ruled out other possible medical issues (like pituitary dysfunction which can affect or even mimic thyroid probems) she has no business giving medical advice that contradicts what your doctor said. If you were a diabetic and a stranger told you not to use your insuin when your doctor told you to, would you ignore the doctor or the stranger? Talk to your doctor.

RoseMcD Your reply doesn't make much sense. JC61 has already been diagnosed and I'm not telling her not to take her Levo, I'm saying to continue taking it at a time that suits her as it is working well that way for her.

Have actually read any of the other replies on this thread? Have you read the reply by ljk1 whose GP suggested she take hers at night? Have you read the one by Snoddyoddbod whose endo told her to take it at night? Are you going to say that their doctors are wrong too?

Did you notice that 'Susie' wasn't actually giving 'medical advice'? I actually said that if what she was doing was working, as it does for quite a few other members, then to carry on.

This is a patient to patient forum where we share experiences and what has worked for us. It currently has 56,193 members, the majority of whom are here because​ they have remained unwell with their Doctor's 'care'.

Is your doctor so wonderful that he has treated your Hypothyroidism perfectly for over 30 years, that you've never had any reason to question him?

Oh, hang on .... Your very first thread a year ago ended with "Any advice or suggestions?"

And your second one three weeks ago ended with "I'm tempted to go on-line and try to find someone who'll sell me a thyroid supplement but am afraid of what I might wind up getting. What do I do?"

So how come you are asking for "medical advice" if you're so adamant that JC61 shouldn't be listening to me?

Bad advice, NEVER ignore what your doctor tells you to do. If you have an issue with what he or she says talk to them about it!

Rubbish! Most GPs, and a considerable number of endocrinologists, most of whom seem to specialise in diabetes, have little knowledge of treating hypothyroidism anyway and don't even know that Levo should be taken on an empty stomach and with water only. Considering some doctors and endos are telling patients to try Levo at night - see lkj1 and Snoddyoddbod's replies below - then that goes to show that one size does not fit all.

The more posts you read on here the more you will realise how poorly served by our doctors a lot of members are. Most members are here because their doctors are telling them they are fine because the numbers say so, regardless of what symptoms they are still experiencing. If we didn't help ourselves then we would be very ill indeed.


Fully agree with SeasideSusie - people vary.

You might find the comments on the poll here of interest:

In my book, the only reason that doctors and pharmacists keep saying "in the morning" is because they do not fully understand - and they just follow what it says in the information about levothyroxine. They seem to think that levothyroxine (like coffee!) acts as a stimulant. I say that one of the first effects of levothyroxine on me was to improve my sleep. I have always taken mine at bed-time.

Thank you Helvella, I appreciate your help and carry on at night as like you I sleep better taking it at night

helvella I'd call levothyroxine many things but a stimulant is not one of them!

I have just seen my new GP who suggested I try taking mine at night because,much to his surprise,it worked for one of his other patients! He doesn't know why but if it works why not? It was suggested to him by an Endo he consulted because he was stumped.

Well, as one pharmacist said to me : that's what it says in the PIL, so that's what you should do! He went on to add : I'm a trained professional, so I know what I'm talking about! I just laughed and left.

Perhaps we should challenge that statement in the various PILs?

Surely every statement in a PIL must be fully backed up? Or do I mean "made up"?

:D What can I say.

Hi jc61

I take mine at night. For some reason it seems to travel about my system better having nothing else to fight with. All my other meds I take in the morning.

I did start off taking levo in the morning but I felt sick and really grotty all day

My endo told me to take levo at night. Was and is the only thing she's said that's been useful!!

Hope it helps

I tried taking mine at night but I had trouble getting to sleep. I always wake in the night so I take it then - 3 to 4 am - doesn't seem to keep me awake then! It means I can have tea when I wake up. Do whatever is comfortable for you, it works either way.

Chinese research showed night time dosing is more effective than morning dosing. Do what suits you not your doc or pharmacist who I doubt have first hand experience of having to take it. There is no advantage to what they suggest - it is just pedantry.

I tried night time dosing but because I just fall asleep at the drop of a hat any time after 6pm often waking up in the small hours still sitting upright or occasionally sprawled on the sofa - it was hopeless. Mornings are better for me - I am always up at 5:30.

I take my Levothyroxine in the evening around before going to sleep, it was sugested to me by my Endocrinologist in December 2015 who said some patients found that more helpful. I have found it more helpful too.

Hi JC61. I was advised by the endocrinologist to take mine at night. I had been referred to her because my G.P. didn't want to increase my prescription above the 150 that I was on without her advice. It was increased for a short while but I was advised to take it at night because like you, I was up early and having breakfast before going to work and it was felt that I would be more likely to benefit by taking it at bedtime when I wouldn't have eaten for a few hours. I had this conversation with my new G.P. who had never heard of it being taken at night but he was interested enough to speak to the endocrinologist to find out what her thoughts were and whether it is something he can suggest to patients himself.

I used to take mine in the morning as I was instructed, but like you, I am up at 5 to be out by 5.45 and it totally messed up my morning and made me into a raging g Nutkin having to wait for my morning coffee, so having read posts on here I switched to nighttime. I find it much better and a bonus.......drum stops me from pigging out in the evenings as I know I have to take my tab. For me personally it's a win win.

Wishing you well whatever you decide to do.

Thank you, I'm the same 7pm deadline no food after that for me lol helps like you say, makes going out a pain thought lol

Yes, that is a thing but if I have a major "do" to go to, I tend to not take the mess on that night but split the dose and take half with the day before ness and the other half the day after. My thought is that over the week I'm still getting the same dosage in. I don't think my bod would know I had a hiccup on the dosage.

Having said that I've actually got no idea if I'm causing myself a problem or not as I'm not really clued up like the guys on here.....however, it hasn't caused meany problems to date and been hypo for a while now.

Hard hat at the ready for those who will tell me I'm being a nob for doing this but willing to hear other ideas on it too. :) :)

Wishing you well and a great weekend. Wahoooooo.....

Does it bother your stomach?

No. Perhaps I am lucky?

No im fine with it

Cookie cutter approach for everyone does not work when it comes to thyroid dosing and timing . It's what feels right for the patient . Some dose Am or PM and some split T4 AM and PM . Thinking out of the box comes to use . Trial and error will dictate which feels right for you .

I tried taking it on an empty stomach, i had terrible nausea, acid and gas.

Link on the subject :

Effects of evening vs morning thyroxine ingestion on serum thyroid hormone profiles in hypothyroid patients

There is a pdf of the full paper available for free, but it had a link which was approximately 3 miles long. I'll let you search for it. :D

Oh, this link isn't too outrageously bad (I hope) :

I asked my doctor, she said most prefer that patients take their thyroid meds in the morning, before eating, but you can take it two hours after breakfast with no ill effects. When I was still taking it I'd have the pill right on the night stand and took it as soon as I opened my eyes.

Why bother going to a doctor if you aren't going to do what they say? Kind of a waste of time and money. If you really have problems with what your doctor says talk to them about it. They can't help you if you don't tell them you have a problem. if you're still not satisfied with the answer they give you, get a secod opinion.

I take mine at night.

I mentioned it in passing to my doctor who did not object, neither did the pharmacist when I had one of those reviews that they do occasionally. It has had no negative effect on me. If your test results remain the same and you feel ok and are sleeping ok then it's probably a safe assumption that your body is still converting the levo ok?

Sometimes I wonder if the objection to taking it at night is a simplistic one that taking T4 will immediately flood one's body with hormones, making you burst with energy and unable to sleep. If only it were that simple......

Well, Sea. You can please some of the people some of the time... etc.etc. :-)

Or even: All of the people some of the time... etc. etc. :-)

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