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Better to take levothyroxine morning or night?

I take my tablets first thing in the morning and I don't quite feel myself when I've forgotten to take it. I get dizziness, double vision and confusion. Is it better to take it first thing or before bed to give the medication time to work in my body overnight? How long should it be taken before breakfast?

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Take it when it best suits you, experiment and see whether you feel better taking it at night. I take mine at night, not that I feel any different but because it means less worry about timing of supplements etc.

Take on an empty stomach with a glass of water and then leave about an hour before eating. If taking at night then leave about two hours after eating.


I use to take on waking, as this was original suggestion from GP over 20 years ago. But it was annoying to then have to wait at least an hour for cup of tea or breakfast. If I was running late then often didn't wait that long either

However about a year ago my endo suggested I try taking it at bedtime. I peronally have found it so very MUCH better.

Recent research has shown it can be more effective taken at bedtime.


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I used to take mine in the morning but that was before being told not to take it with food or coffee,

I am on Steroids now which has to be taken with food in the morning .

I take a glass of water to bed with me and take Levo when I wake up in the night to spend a penny .

I am then able to take rest of meds with food as I am meant to.

I don't think missing a dose will hurt you as they stay in your system for some time

Although it would not be ideal to miss it to often.

They say leave two hours before taking and eating .

Best Wishes



Personally I take mine last thing at night because then I can be sure my stomach is empty.


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