One glass of red wine knocking me out! Is this thyroid related?

I used to have a couple drinks on the weekend when playing cards with family, I noticed I couldn't handle my rum and coke and decided I would switch to red wine. But even one glass of wine makes me sleepy. I used to have no problem with having a couple drinks, now its to the point I feel maybe I should give it up. Could this be because of thyroid?

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rjerome812 Most likely. It affects quite a few of us Hypos. I was never much of a drinker anyway but my limit is now one glass of white wine. I just don't bother any more.

I think it could! I gave up all alcohol in 2008. Up until then, I am ashamed to say, I pretty much had a bottle of red every day. I had no problem drinking whatsover. Then suddenly I just could not drink any amount of alcohol without feeling shattered and I could not sleep. I just stopped drinking it.

I have probably had a couple of glasses of champagne to try since then which I can just about manage but I have not wanted to continue. I used to really enjoy that wine and wish I could still enjoy it but I dare not try.

Luckily, I have had no problems doing without :-)

haha Dont be ashamed, I myself was a bottle of red wine on most Fridays and Saturdays. But now it's limited, I usually want to fall asleep after the first couple sips.

Hi rjerome812 I also have found in the last few months I have problems if I drink,im not a big drinker just a couple of wine's when I go out with friends but even that keeps me awake and then I feel really bad the next day, it's so frustrating to not be able to have a glass of wine now and my friends wonder what's wrong with me, guess it must be a hypo thing.

Hi Rjerome8121 I have also found in the last 6 months can't drink really have tried tho haha but keeps me awake very tired the next day!. Shame I used to like you have few bottles especially weekends.

Same thing happened to me a few months ago, ok on them started to feel like I had been 'glutened' after a single glass, I'm gluten intolerant. Strangely I'm ok with vodka, don't get the glutened feeling, and I'm now getting the same kind of reaction to my thyroid meds. If I don't take for a day, I feel fine but obviously that is not a long term solution. I think I might have developed an issue with preservative in wine and fillers in meds which can happen

I cant even sniff alcohol and i experience a terrible adrenalin rush. I have to be careful that there are no traces of alcohol in any food items. I am same with any form of stimulant had to give up caffine etc x

Oh geez yes, unfortunately!

Anything over one glass of wine with dinner knocks me out now. I don't usually drink anything other than wine with dinner but just recently accepted a "Manhattan" from my good friend who had discovered a supposedly "wonderful" new recipe (yes, they have recipes for hard drinks). Half way through my Manhattan I was very ill, at 7:00pm I had to excuse myself and spent the rest of the evening throwing up in their bathroom. Fortunately I was sleeping over. The next day I told them they must never tempt me again with their wonderful new recipes.

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