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I started my self medicating in March and took on board all the information. The only thing I did not want was gluten free. I have persisted but not every single day, sometimes I slip. Last night I had a big slice of Victoria sponge my 92 year old mum made for my birthday (she'd never get the gluten thing). This morning I was completely floored by symptoms. Ugh, never again. Okay so now I am convinced, that's twice and I don't need another reminder. Thanks for the info 😒

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You are welcome. :)

And good luck especially with relations as old as your mum who don't understand these new things.


Sometimes we need to experiment to convince ourselves what is right for us and what isn't.

Don't beat yourself up as now you know for certain that your body doesn't tolerate gluten . I find understanding helps me keep on the straight and narrow.

A good read is The Root Cause by Isabella Wentz.

Yes, I have a copy. My big problem is weight, I am UNDER weight and need to put it on so restricting cakes etc is a pain when I am desperate to fatten up!

If you are gluten intolerant you won't fatten up by eating it in fact it will do the opposite as the nutrients will pass through you. If you contain you, you risk ending up with iron and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies in addition to losing more weight.

Oh and I remember the skinny guys in my teens and 20s - they found they fattened up by eating more protein with good fats, rather than cakes and junk food or refined carbohydrates and bad fats.

Hope you pick up in a day or so 😊.

I think of gluten (and all the other junk stuff) as poison, it's the only way I've kept going without it 😭, and it's only been a few months.

I do however, like you with gluten, keep wondering if one day I will be able to tolerate alcohol, even though deep down I already know the answer. Just hope the longer I go without, the easier it'll get.

Your wagon awaits you! Good luck 😊

Hi Skyebeardie I feel your pain. I've been full on very sensitive ceoliac for nearly 20 years. There's still a few things i miss. But compared to how it was 20 even 10 years ago the range of products are wonderful these days.

I completely understand re the older generation. My OH's parents always seem a bit put out when I turn such things down. So i carefully try & make excuses. That and I try and get in first with some nice home baked gluten free cake. A couple of weeks ago for a bbq, I did a rich chocolate cake with 2 layers of cream, with a splash of Cointreau and chocolate grenache topping. Nobody wanted the stuff with gluten in πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

SolsticeSS oh no alcohol intolerant, that must be awful. Not sure I could manage being restrained from wine all the time. I really feel for you.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Your dog looks super cute πŸ‘

Your cake sounds delish!

It's only the thought of feeling like cr@p for the week after that stops me!

Me too, extremely sensitive and totally gluten free for over 22 years. I think I miss the yummy cakes and bread but the pain and unwellness is not worth the taste. My mother-in-law has just never understood and told everybody I needed gluken free food. Well, shop assistants just looked at her so she said she could not buy any gluken free food. Lol

My sister-in-law never really understood until she started treatment healing and heΕ• practitioners 2 sons were gluten free. She had not understood the health issues at all. Now she is very careful with my food preparation.

Sometimes we have to fight many battles to win the war. Lol

The alcohol intolerance could be due to the yeast, particularly in beer. Wine contains sulphites, which some people can't tolerate. Try vodka, or other distilled spirits.

Oh boy have I've tried and tried to find something 😭😭😭 ....

for the last 10 Years!

Sometimes ya just have to accept it don't like ya!

Thanks Delicious, helpful for those reading this thread.

Much as I used to love a glass of most things, it's just not worth the pain later, so having become almost teetotal over the last 18 months, I decided to stop in Jan this year when I realised it could be connected with my thyroid issue.

So far so good 😁

I have a 2-3 day hangover that kills me when I drink and is just not worth it - I've had to admit my system just doesn't like it too so now only once every six months when I forget lol :-/

what symptons did you have when eating the gluten?

thanks roya x

Hard to put into words, sort of weak and unwell as if I was poisoned by food but without sickness. A general state of unwell. It's happened a couple of times and each time I slipped up I wake the next day as if I am back on levothyroxine on a bad day.

There was a recommendation on here for M&S bread, bought some today and it's the best non-gf I've tasted.

Have you tried Welsh Gluten Free products such as Oat Bread? Currently looks to be confined to south west Wales

Those look good Carew but, alas, don't live in Wales! To be honest I've eventually got my head around not having a sandwich for lunch and the price of g-f products means I won't buy them very often.

Yup, m&s is the one I use, it's good.

Me and my little one really like the schar brown loaf albeit a little on the small side but it's the only one we'll eat and is lovely toasted :-)

I was reluctant to go gluten free, I love bread and baking. I have finally got my head around it and don't feel I'm missing out at all. We still have cake (I make flourless cakes rather than cakes with gluten free flour), I have found a really lovely gf bread (sainsburys freshly baked) and I experiment with recipes using things like tapioca flour. My way of approaching it is to avoid most food that typically contains gluten rather than trying to recreate or buying gluten free versions. Nigella Lawson has some great recipes for flourless cakes using either ground almonds instead of flour or just eggs as a raising agent. I make Buckwheat pancakes and gf waffles which the whole family like. I find eating out is the biggest pain but there are more and more places catering for gluten free diets, you just have to do a bit of investigating :-)

Marks and Spencers free from chocolate fudge cake - you won't regret it ;-)

I never knowly eat anything gluten ... coeliac and associated skin condition DH but very occassionly I eat, unknowingly, gluten contaminated food and my reactions are severe so I understand your ... never again. The pleasure is not worth the pain or symptoms. Really ugh 😦😩😭

have the Phil Vicery cook book wonderful for lots gluten free recipes

Hello Skyebeardie,,,going gluten free is a major thing,,and if you don't have celiac disease,,,you should not go gluten free,,Dr Chris on This Morning,,today said this as your body needs the gluten,,,,why did you make this choice?,,and as he said the food is terrible,,, I hope you remember the taste of the cake,,,ttfn from karen.

I'm surprised at your response, too much evidence on the forum, personally and in all my reading on hypothyroidism and hashimoto's. I do feel better and will carry on.

It's really not that major, yes Gluten free branded food is generally rubbish but there are masses of foods that are naturally gluten free and nobody has to miss out nutritionally. There is gluten in things like rice but it doesn't cause the same reaction as gluten in wheat based products and as for tv doctors....If cutting out gluten brings down antibodies and makes us hashi sufferers feel better (which it does) then what's the problem??

Umm yeah, you are aware that most of the worlds food is actually naturally gluten free - rice, potatoes, meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, veg, fruit, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, corn etc etc etc?? It wouldn't have really been a part of humans original diet and still is not in many other places across the globe?? What about all the cultures that don't typically eat it - are they unhealthy??

If gluten products were that good for you and so healthy, why on earth would they have to heavily fortify them with vitamins and minerals??

Also, I have non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and simply cannot eat it for medical reasons - many people in my situation wouldn't even get a diagnosis as it took a lot to prove it and only did so for my daughter's sake - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered going through it, like many here don't??

My daughter is also gluten free and she appears to be the healthiest kid in her class and hasn't had one day off sick - so no, you most definitely do not need gluten lol!!

"If gluten products were that good for you and so healthy, why on earth would they have to heavily fortify them with vitamins and minerals??"

Very well said, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I've wondered this myself πŸ™„

Sorry, I answered this but replied to wrong post but you can see below :-)

Hello,,delicious21,,,he was saying out the heart and the body needing to use it for the workings of it,,,can you see the catch up on itv?,,from yesterday's this morning,,,he also found on the site called Celebrity Angels,,,I don't understand about going gluten free,,,I thought that is is the food so our bodies need it,,,and the digestion makes use of it for our overall health,,,and providing you don't have too much,,your digestion can cope with it,,,i hope you find what he said,,sorry that I cannot remember it,,,ttfn from karen.

Basically it was in response to the headlines regarding the research published last week indicating that gluten free increased the risk of heart disease. I read through the actual study/paper that was published and all it does is provide evidence/data that eating gluten does not increase risk of heart disease (the original purpose of study it seems) and then basically tagged a few sentences in discussion as to how we obviously know wholegrain means a healthier heart (not particularly demonstrated in this study in any way - just referring to another study) and therefore eating gluten free must be bad - completely omitting the fact that you can still eat wholegrain when GF. The papers then picked up on this one sentence which should never have been in there as the actual data does nothing to prove or disprove this!!!!!

It also mentions this in discussion - "we found no significant association between estimated gluten intake and the risk of subsequent overall coronary heart disease, non-fatal myocardial infarction, and fatal myocardial infarction. The lack of association was consistent in both men and women"! This is reiterated in the conclusion in the what the study adds section.

It also happens to refer to another study where they found coeliacs actually reduced their risk of heart disease after going GF and how in rats at least, Gluten restriction is known to reduce diabeties (the study that actually made me try GF in the first place yrs back) - so I'm not losing any sleep over this.

It was a long study that started 25 yrs ago that was now hugely out dated and they had to find a new purpose for publication resulting to the added gluten free bad line tagged on the end (a bit like the T4 weekly dosing study and T3 we discussed the other day on here) so is a complete farce as much as the newspaper headlines of today wherein a 7 month baby died from gluten free diet?????? Those parents need to be jailed for a VERY long time for murder poor mite :-(

Doctor Chris talked rubbish too in my opinion and stated that "going gluten free when not a coeliac is bad for for your health" and to only listen to your doctors - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly think I'd be dead by now if I had done that :-)

Link to original study:

I'm wondering what's behind this sudden splurge of anti-GF campaigns recently???

That would be the removal of gf on prescription methinks!

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