Can someone say what they think this TSH reading means

Can anyone tell me what these results mean, they are not my results but that of my daughter. She has terminal cardiomyopathy and for years has suffered with mucus problems in her stomach and her sinuses which have been ignored by the doctors. She has had other thyroid indications and we are a family of auto immune sufferers. I have asked her many times to get her tsh results and today she has given me this reading from the nurse, can anyone tell what they think it means. TSH 0.94. She is only 48 and her heart is in a very bad condition, she has pernicious anaemia, Raynauds and has been given a very short time to live, I have thought for a long time she has thyroid issues that have been ignored

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  • Daval,

    I'm sorry your daughter is so ill.

    TSH 0.94 is euthyroid and rules out primary hypothyroidism. Unfortunately TSH only gives no clue to whether FT4 or FT3 are adequate or deficient and can miss diagnoses of secondary hypothyroidism.

  • Thank you clutter, I dont think I will be able to get any more results so I will probably never know

  • Sorry to read of your daughters problems - so worrying for you both. The TSH reading is one thing - but to understand the true picture of the thyroid activity you also need the FT4 and the FT3 tested and also the thyroid anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg .....

    Could you have tests done privately through Blue Horizon and TUK - I can give you the link if appropriate ....

    PA is auto-immune so it is possible she may have Hashimotos or Graves or a mixture of both ..... as they are all auto-immune.

    Raynauds can sometimes be linked to LOW T3 - the Active thyroid hormone.

    There are lots of other tests that could be relevant - so keep asking questions ....

  • Her brother has Hashimotos and vitiligo and I have Graves and vitiligo so what you are saying is very possible, getting her to have private blood tests would be difficult ,would it do any good at this late stage to start treatment for any thyroid dysfunction, I just dont know

  • Without the FT4 and the FT3 result and the anti-bodies I would not like to make a comment about treatment. I am not a medic - I am a Hashimotos sufferer with Crohns and a B12 issue.

    The Private Testing can be done in the home with a finger prick I believe .... I live in Crete so am not completely up to speed with the UK :-(

  • This is a link re heart and thyroid hormones. Second question/answer.


    go to date December 24, 1997 on the following

  • Some information on T3 and the heart :

    Private blood testing can be done with finger prick blood testing.

    Copied from another post I wrote for someone else :

    On this site the following are the best tests to get for thyroid :

    Thyroid Check Plus Six

    Thyroid Check Plus Ten

    On this site the following are the best tests to get for thyroid :

    Thyroid Check Plus Six

    Thyroid Check Plus Ten

    Thyroid Check Plus Eleven

    Thyroid Check Plus Twelve

    All the above tests require finger prick blood samples, except for the Thyroid Check Plus Twelve. That needs a full sample from the elbow, so you would need to get someone to take blood for you. Some NHS hospital phlebotomy departments will take blood for private testing purposes for a fee. That fee varies wildly, from nothing up to £30. Phone up and ask. Check that you can get someone to take blood for you before you order the test.

    In your shoes I'd go for the Thyroid Check Plus Eleven. All the instructions and kit you need to prick your fingers, lancets, vials for the blood, where to send the blood etc are posted to you when you order the test, and you can then do the test when it is convenient for you.

    The best time for thyroid testing is first thing in the morning before breakfast. Don't eat or drink (except water) until after you've done the test, and don't take your thyroid meds until after the blood draw.

    Once you have your results (they are emailed to you), write a new post on here and give us all your results. We'll give you feedback on what you can improve and how to improve it.

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