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Iron panel

Hi I have just had my iron panel done. I think my iron is a bit low and ferritin a bit high. Or am I wrong ? What supplements do people find helpful? Thank you for taking time to read and respond to this.

Iron 18.32. umol/L. 6.60 -26. 00

TIBC. 57.52. umo/L. 41-77.00

Transferrin saturation 31.85. 20 -55.00

Ferritin. 96.66. ug/L. 13.00. -150.00

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Your iron and ferritin levels are fine on the limited information you have given.

Your transferrin saturation is in range which indicates you don't have iron deficiency anaemia. Your ferritin is nearly 100 and over halfway in the range which indicates your iron stores are fine. This means you SHOULD NOT supplement iron.

Serum iron isn't really a good indicator of anything on it's own it needs to be combined with at least heamoglobin level, also called haemoglobin estimate, plus liver and kidney , often called biochemistry, test results.


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