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Past two TSH levels over 5

Has anyone ever been prescribed thyroxine due to past thyroid results being ignored and saying all is fine when not, by another doctor. My previous doctor didn't tell me my TSH was 5.1 and then a year later 4.9 with thyroid paroxodies around 100. My TSH now is 2.6 with t4 at 10.6 with paroxodies still 106 but because TSH has come down says ok. He won't treat me and I have symptoms and net well at all with my memory being effected the most. I have three young children to look after and I'm not coping well. My mum was hypothyroid and b12 deficient as I am . I'm on loading doses of b12 . She died from Alzheimer's last year and now I'm concerned about myself as my memory is really poor. Although I'm not being treated for my thyroid but wondering if I do treat it will my memory improve? Suggestions welcome please thanks :)

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Happy to help - but your post is difficult to read. Please have a look and Edit and then people will be rushing to advise :-)

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Think I've worked out your post 😀

So I don't suppose the Dr told you that you have Hashimotos Thyroditis?! It's auto immune and very common.

You need thyroid meds, TSH should be under too but ideally to feel well under 1

It is important with Hashimotos to be gluten, casein (in cows milk) and soy free. Give it a try you will feel much better.

Read lots on Thyroid uk site.

Dr Datis Khazzarian has brilliant books on Hashimotos.

Read up on leaky gut.

My past posts have a list of things that have helped me if you have a look.


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