Well...I've been fighting w/my doctor for 2 years about my thyroid and went in for another thyroid test as early in the morning as possible. The most recent reading which was done in the afternoon last year was 3.327 (highest range at the lab is 5.50). The early morning test at 8:00 a.m. came back at 6.329! YIPPEE! She has now prescribed me levothyroxine and I will pick it up tomorrow. Also, my Vit. B12 is low, so she's prescribed a B12 shot to be given once a month. I had no idea my Vit. B12 was low. Maybe I will actually be able to get off the couch now????! Not walk across room and be totally winded???? I've gain so much weight it's pathetic, so I'm hoping maybe the thyroid med will help with that, too. I'll keep you all posted.

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Good to hear. Have you had your folate, ferritin and vitamin D tested? You are likely to be low in those. Just make sure you get the values and the range as our "low" is under mid-range. Your doctor's low will be below range unless they do a FBC at the same time and your red or white cells are effected.

I've had the Vit D testing this time, too. It is fine now..used to be very low. I'll ask about getting ther folate, ferritin tested. Thanks!

Fine is alright for the doctor but is your result around 100 because if it isn't then you need more vit D.

Jo xx

My level is 35 mg/mL; range at this lab is: 20-96 mg/ I guess I'll have to start taking the D again. Darn!! I didn't really want to, though, because it makes my hot flashes and night sweats much worse...oh, well....

It's sad that I'm congratulating you for finally having this horrible disease diagnosed but whoohoo, what was your b12 level? As your supposed to have loading doses, mine was one a day for 6 days. It's worth mentioning that thyroid meds will take a while to restore you to wellness but at least you are on the road now....... When I first started on Levo I shed 5 stone in a year just by being on the meds..........

Vit B12 was: 323 and their standard is: >350, which I think still sounds low....but I'm no doctor...what do you think? My doctor didn't say anything about loading doeses..she said come in once a month for the B12. You're kidding about the weight??? That 70 lbs. in US "lingo!" WOWZER!!! Oh, boy!!!!!! I hope the same happens to me, Pixilula! (LOVE your screen name!)

Thank you!

Good job!!!! I think we all know the feeling of finally starting treatment and not having to fight anymore agains a doctor.

Be patient, it can take a long time to adjust to the levo and find out which dose suits your body.

I'm also curious about your B12 level, a shot once a month isn't much, when you have a deficiency they should give you a shot once a week for around 10 weeks.

Good luck!!!

I've felt so badly for so long, I think I can be patient while adjusting to the levo. I'll have to ask my doctor about the B12 information you gave me. She is obviously pretty timid when it comes to anything proactive it seems to me.

ihave been on levo for four months and despite eating healthy and taking supplements have not lost any weight. I haveput on 2 stone and cant shift it. everyone says I may not be eating enough but if I eat more, more weight goes on. maybe because I had RAI to treat an overacting nodule, I don't know but it's depressing. other than that I feel pretty much back to normal so suppose I have to count my blessings x

As others said, the frequency of your b12 shots might be an issue. Loading dose guidelines are every other day for twelve days so do join the Pernicious Anemia Society on Health Unlocked for further information on that because the b12 may infact be the cause of the thyroid dysfunction if there are no thyroid antibodies and you have to fight for jabs just as badly as we fight for thyroid meds.

Wow! The battle continues, huh? Yes..I will certainly ask her about this. Now while thinking about this, maybe the doctors in the US have their hands tied with regards to how much medication/shots they can prescribe for patients? I wouldn't doubt that a bit!

Good news for you and what a difference the timing of a test can make.

Look for a TSH at least of 1 or below. Some GPs think anywhere in range is fine, even the high end of it.

I will watch for that. Knowing my doctor and the Kaiser guidelines, they'll probably think anywhere in the range is good: 0.5 to 0.55.

OOPS: Range is 0.32 to 5.500

Believe it not. We have seen similar happening. :)

Good start, Susie. This may help explain how beginning thyroid hormone should go. You could check as to whether you should be taking a sublingual B12 tablet and as was mentioned, have your folate tested since they work together.

i would not be happy at all, now that i know that their are things you can do to bring levels up, with suppressing your own thyroid with meds. Do you have hashimotos..have you had thyroid antibodies tested? Why are you low thyroid?

I'm not understanding your comments, faith63. Please elaborate. I did nothing to suppress my thyroid with meds.

when you take thyroid meds, your own production and pituitary , stop producing. Eventually the thyroid shrinks, becomes atrophied and is not useable. The thyroid needs certain nutrients to work, there is autoimmune disease and many reasons, but reversible. My thyroid gland is shrinking. I have hashimotos and didn't know that it could all be reversed. Thyroid meds were a huge let down and didn't work for me either. There is nothing as good as your own body and glands..i would find out WHY you have gone hypo.

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