Follow up to Post re endo 2nd request for T3 prescription

I got my prescription from GP yesterday, has been a battle but last night I took my first Uk T3 meds. The endo request stated that he would see me again in 3-4 months and the prescription was for 1 month only, ominous?!

I will see what happens when I request again in 4 weeks! Starting to gather relevant paperwork for that.

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smudger1 Some surgeries will only issue prescriptions for one month's medication, mine does. I used to get a prescription for 3 months' worth of Levo at a time, that changed a few years ago and now I just get one month.

Fingers crossed you find T3 makes a difference for you and that you continue to get your prescription :)

I was self medicating and it made an amazing difference, but my endo wanted me on prescription T3. If it gets stopped I will go back on Greek T3.

That's excellent. Hopefully you can be prescribed a sensible amount that keeps you feeling well and that he doesn't want you to reduce the amount you were taking before.

SeasideSusie Same with my surgery, I'm sure that by having to get a prescription every month it is costing the surgery more in paperwork!!! More wasted money (when they know you are going to need the meds for life!) In Leeds I got at least three months at a time...postcode lottery again!

I suspect that it is pharmacies that make most out of shorter-term prescriptions.

Some time ago I had a bit of a discussion - I was prescribed one medicine on an as-needed basis. So what is a 28-day prescription of that? In reality I was getting about a six-month prescription. :-)

The MHRA said:

Levothyroxine should be prescribed and dispensed in quantities covering three months supply, where appropriate, in order to address issues of continuity of supply and also to improve convenience to patients.

I'm sure you are right helvella re pharmacies but it still takes time, paper and money to produce three instead of one prescription, plus Dr's time signing them. Maybe signing for three months at a time, rather than every month, would give Gps more time to listen to patients?

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