If you see a private endo, can you get an NHS prescription for T3?

This question is a bit in advance as I'm preparing myself for my endo to say he will no longer agree to my prescription of T3 and therefore neither will my GP.

Was planning to get it myself if necessary but the wondered, if I saw a private endo who agreed I should take T3, could I get this on NHS prescription? Thanks :)

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the answer is no, the private endo can only give you a private prescription and/or ask your GP if he/she will prescribe and if the GP refuses then nothing you can do

Okay, thanks :)

If you take a private script to a GP and ask them to change to a NHS some might but most won't. It's slightly different to a Consultant asking for a GP to prescribe without them having written a script first.

Thank you. I'm hoping it won't come to this but it might be worth a try if I have to. I think my GP just doesn't want the responsibility of giving me T3, so hoping if a private endo says it's okay, that she'll be okay with giving me a prescription.

Anyway, more tests yet, so just trying to be prepared! :)

Yes, with any private consultant ( not doc0 they write to GP and request the drugs on a script, this is for safety, unless something not on "the list", then they will give a private script if asked.Prefer not to. All test s too can be done NHS through the GP. You are paying for the consultation , that can be all if it is what you wish.The main difference is easy to see who you wish, anywhere and also they have more time. make sure it is your choice, not the GP`s., I see 2-16 private consultants, different hospitals etc, this is the norm, even with my difficult GP, it is a question of safety, they are responsible for the mix of drugs from different consultants.

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That's great! Thanks for the info Jackie. It will be hard enough to afford a private consultation, so good news that I could get tests and prescription on NHS. :)

hi Yes, I wish more people realised. Make sure you say you are self funding. Also A Prof. costs more for consultations, laid down prices by the GMC within margins.

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