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Thyroid and ndt in Cyprus

Hi everyone. I have had hypothyroid symptoms for approx 7yrs, but last 6mths friends have noticed a difference... the usual energy levels, chronic fatigue, turning down social events etc. I am an expat living in Cyprus so started seeing doctors here which I have to pay for. Last month blood tests.. 11.4 ft4. 4.21ft3 and tsh0.5. obviously told normal! Saw gp yesterday who referred me to cardiologist. Been diagnosed with heart murmur and low heart rate. They took no notice that all these symptoms point to thyroid?!?! Anyway, does anyone know if ndt is available OTC here?? I'd love some feedback thanks!

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Welcome to the forum, Meh-Meh.

TSH 0.5 is low which rules out primary hypothyroidism. Do you have the lab ref ranges for FT4 and FT3?

Heart murmur is not a typical thyroid symptom.

NDT is not available in Cyprus.


Thanks for your reply, clutter. I presume you mean euthyroid range free t4 11.4pmol/l (10.3-24.4) however the hypo range nd-10.8!

Free t3 5.21pmol/l euthyroid 2.3-7.3

Tsh 0.50 ulu/ml euthyroid 0.4-4.0 hypo 7.1->75 and hyper <0.01


I've been reading on here other people with heart murmur and hypothyroid. I know I fall in normal ranges, but feel terrible! Struggling to hold down my job :(



FT4 11.4 is low in range but FT3 is more than half way through range so you are euthyroid and can rule out secondary hypothyroidism as well as primary hypothyroidism.

I expect the heart murmur may be why your heart rate is low. If you decide to self medicate with thyroid hormone you should be very cautious as over medicating may cause atrial fibrillation.


Thank you for your advice! I'm not someone to medicate Willy nilly or would have done years ago!

Just want the light at the end of the tunnel switched on :)


Your FT4 is barely in range so would assume it might produce symptoms. There are several problems that involve the heart. Did they notice an enlarged left ventricle or a lag in the r wave? These seem to be typical with hypothyroid patients. You CAN get T3 OTC and many people take only T3 to treat their symptoms. I don't think anyone has discovered any problems with doing that.

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