Anyone else seen this?!

Introduction of £145 charges for 40-minute GP consultations

And the first to do it - Bournemouth

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Saw the story before I think The Guardian picked it up. I will have to search.

It isn't NHS charging but NHS GPs deciding to run a private practice in their NHS surgery. They are allowed to do that even though it is considered unethnical by many.

A GP practice walking distance from me (not my GP) actually has a floor of rooms underneath them which physios and other private practitioners can hire out. However they currently don't allows other GPs to hire out the rooms.

Anyway the GPs aren't suppose to treat their own patients privately as it is a conflict of interest.

Here are the national media links on the story -

Pulse -

Daily Mail -

Guardian -


I've edited your post because none of the political parties has commented on the proposal.

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That would severely impoverish all with chronic illmess

Any GP who supports it and wants it introduce must realise they are more likely to be sued if fees are brought in and patients are not happy with their treatment.

The only comparisons I can think of are in education. For example universities are finding that with the introduction of tutition fees students/graduates are more likely to complain and resort to the courts if they are not happy with the university including their course.

Is it worthwhile paying so much to see a/your doctor if he/she is going to spout you the same old rubbish about your thyroid as a "normal" NHS doctor would tell you?

You can get far superior advice and recommendations on forums such as this, STTM and TPA for free!

Cheaper to go private with someone on "with a clue list" (and probably better) I wouldn't pay even half that for my GP. But no reason why they shouldn't set up a private practice - more tax revenue with any luck.

My GP would need to pay me to attend his scabby surgery, for anything more than a repeat scrip or a chat with his lovely nurse, Angel

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