12 weeks in on NDT

Having read lots of info on here and STTM and asked and generously received lots of advice from the forum I am beginning to see the light at last. I wanted quick results and have had some early setbacks I can honestly say you gave me the courage to stop the levo and do something for myself. I'm supplementing, eating well and having good days more often. Feel like my journey is getting somewhere slowly, definitely better than on levothyroxine. Thank you for making it possible to take my health into my own hands.

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It's uplifting to read about people who feel that there is light and progress :) Thanks for posting about your positive experience associated with feeling capable of taking your health into your own hands.

Good to hear that you feel you're making progress :)

So pleased to hear you're much improved.

Yes, this site is unbelievably good. It's helped me get to grips with having an underactive thyroid very quickly.

I found this site on the day I received my test results and found out I was hypothyroid. My TSH was 10.3 and borderline according to the GP 🤣. So glad I'm not of the generation that thinks doctors are like gods otherwise I am guessing I'd be very ill by now.

All the best for the future !

So glad to hear you are feeling better! I believe you had some second thoughts along the way as you experienced side effects, but it seems you are glad you persisted with NDT and it has paid off for you. Thanks for sharing your experiece. Encouraging!

Yes I experienced a few side effects but I was on one grain and it wasn't enough so my TSH crept back up to 8. I'm on two now but 'just know' it's not enough for me.

On Levo I had a spell of depression that I'd never experienced before and that alone was a good enough reason to switch to NDT. It did however bring down my TSH from 10.3-5.00 in just a few weeks on 75mcg.

I think I need more than two grains of NDT in fact I know I do.

Although I hate to admit it - synthetics could well be the best for me. So not wishing to experience the depression again I have bought T3 and once I have up to date blood test results, I think I'll start on that.

We're all so different and I realise that from reading the posts.

I am not there yet, I have really struggled, but it's the forum that gives me the courage to persist because I was scared to change and knew I had to do something. I do have hope, I was very depressed on levo but that has lifted.

Everything does work slowly in the Thyroid world but I think once we realise that it feels easier as we learn to appreciated the small changes and have accepted that slow progress is good! So glad you are feeling the changes and thank you for posting as good news is great and uplifting I'm sure for those with problems still. I also realise though that sometimes someone's good news can have the opposite effect so if anyone is in that category then please share and I'm sure someone will help and encourage you to move forward. I took two years listening to many experiences and failures, looking, listening and asking questions before I decided what was best for me but I don't regret it!

Thank you Silverfox, it is slowly and I could have listed a whole range of continuing symptoms. It is having support and knowledge here that allows me to stick with it. The fact I no longer dwell on my negative stuff so much is frankly a miracle even if I remain symptomatic!

Each person has different needs when there are thyroid problems. Unfortunately the medical "industry" is instructed to believe that only a single method of measuring the need is necessary (TSH) and only a single medication should be used (levothyroxine). As all of us know this is total bunkum of the highest level and leaves many thousands of sufferers in this country alone ill for the rest of their lives if they do not learn the truth and do something about it for themselves.

You appear to be one of those people, just as I am also one of them. We have both ignored the doctors and as a result have regained some sanity and health back into our lives.

You should be made aware of the fact that the dose of NDT necessary to return you to optimum health may vary from brand to brand, so no direct and reliable comparison is possible between levo and NDT in general. I need 2x Thyroid-S but 3x Thiroyd to achieve the same result.

All the best to you and keep trying until you find the best dose for yourself according to symptoms irrespective of what any blood test may indicate your TSH to be.

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