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After going to my GP because of suffering with anxiety she requested a blood test. Got the results today and she has lowered my lethrothyroxine from 125mg to 100mg. My blood test results were

TSH 0.03 (0.65-3.45)

RT3 4.6 (3.5-6.5)

Iron, B12 etc were normal.

She has referred me for CBT for anxiety but whenever I feel anxious it is always linked to my thyroid levels not being quite right. What do think of these results and do you think I need to up my dose or lower it? Been on lethrothyroxine for 10 years now and dose has been between 100 up to 175 over the years. Just can't seam to keep things stable 😩

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Are you sure that's an rT3 result? It doesn't look like an rT3 range, and it's not something doctors usually test.

In any case, there's no way of knowing if you should increase or lower without seeing the FT4 and the FT3. The TSH is totally irrelevant when you're on thyroid hormone replacement, as long as it doesn't go high. It can go as low as it likes, and it doesn't mean anything on its own. Your doctor should not be dosing you by the TSH.

Do you have the actual numbers for the nutrients? Because 'normal' is meaningless. :)

Sorry it was Ft3. Didn't get results for other things just said they were normal.

Normal just means 'in range'. So, your none the wiser, really.

That FT3 isn't even mid-range, but your doctor is dosing by the TSH, which is totally wrong, and the reason why you cannot stabilise your dose. The most important number is the FT3, and that says you need a dose increase.

She wants me to go down to 100mg then have another blood test in 2 months. I'm getting so frustrated with my GPs not understanding how I feel. I still work full time in a school and partime at Tesco in the evening but have trouble sleeping etc. Will try going down to 100mg and see if the anxiety gets better as this is my worst symptom at the moment. Will put my dose back up and ring the Dr if I start feeling worse.

Anxiety can be linked to LOW B12 and other vitamins - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - so make sure you obtain copies of the results and post here in a new post.

To be well we have to take control and check everything for ourselves. You have taken the first step by posting here and if you follow the advice you will be well in no time. I will look out for your other results 😊

Reading your very first post, about 1/3rd of your bowel removed. Have you been thoroughly assessed and/or supplementing B12 & Vitamin B complex.

Never accept "normal" as a result. They are your blood tests, you are entitled to copy of the results.

Vitamin D is also very important & magnesium too.

Before you reduce your dose ask why she is suggesting lowering dose. If it's based on TSH result then this is wrong as Greygoose says. Anxiety could be due to low B12 as post above. Don't let them mess you about.

I have lowered my dose of lethrothyroxine to 100mg and my anxiety seams a lot better. Will see how things go. Will also get print out of all my other blood results

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