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Weight Gain

Liz here. I'm new to HealthUnlocked.

Unsure which community to post to....

as I'm wondering if my weight gain from too low dose of Oroxine for Hashimotos now being increased could have anything to do to switching HRT from Kliovance to Progynova?

Or adding a banana a day (the only carb I eat) as one of few prebiotics I can eat on Fodmap diet as since my last child and hysterectomy I've been diagnosed with IBS and follow the Fodmap diet.

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Welcome to our forum and as you have hashimoto's members will respond.

You have no thyroid history on your Profile, i.e. when diagnosed .

Weight gain is a clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism (hashi's also has the same treatment).

It can be caused if dose is too low. I am not sure about switching from HRT etc.

Weight gain is the commonest question as it happens to many members. I shall give you a link which may be helpful.


I would have thought the addition of a banana could only be a good thing. And that it's the low carb diet that is causing your weight gain. Low carb diets negatively affect conversion, making you more hypo, and more likely to put on weight.

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Thanks for this interesting article, Greygoose! This explains why I never felt good or lost weight on low carb diets in the past...low carb diets are often described as some sort of panacea for everyone struggling to lose weight, and when you object you don't do well on them, you are most likely told you are not doing it the right way (eating too many carbs without realising it...).

Of course, there are good and bad carbs, just like there are good and bad fats, but I find it very strange how anyone can seriously claim that we only need protein and fat and no carbs...

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Yes, people can get fanatical about certain diets, I've experienced that, too.


Are you gluten,casein (cows milk) and soy free? A bit of a must with Hashimotos. The ibs could just be that if you're not and the weight gain. I dropped a stone in 3 weeks when I went gluten free.

HRT meds definitely interfere with thyroid meds. I've just gone through it, stopped caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods & chocolate and really bad flushes stopped.

I'm guessing Oroxine is just T4? If you are not converting T4 to T3 efficiently you will have weight gain, increased cholesterol, brain fog...

You may need to think about adding T3 or switching to NDT (natural Dessicated Thyroid) I'm sooo much better on NDT

Also healing gut. Over 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Good probiotic. bone broth, collagen powder all really good.

Turmeric, cinnamon & ginger all good for inflammation.

Do you have blood results? Good to post on here for advice.

Have you had Folate, Ferritin, B12 & Vit D tested?


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Since being diagnosed with IBS about a year after my last child at 46 - and seven years later going on HRT partly bio-identical - I'm now grain, dairy, sugar lactose and Fodmap free. I started eating bananas more seeds as the only pre-biotics I could tolerate.

HRT didn't seem to affect IBS one way or the other. And things got as about good as they could get in terms of sleeping - mindfulness helping more than drugs (as my emergency hysterectomy with my youngest child which saved my life added to the IBS symptoms severed nerve endings - feeling the tiniest change).

My diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease was some years later. What prompted me to join HealthUnlocked weeks ago was when I found that my TSH level since 2015 had risen from 2.50 to 8.51 (T4 and T3 levels also change remaining within 'normal' levels) And I'd gained 10 kg in this period! Even with my strict diet, walking daily and doing yoga postures to stimulate thryoid etc.

But worse for me was that the increased oroxine (improving when checked this week TSH now 6.47 but still subclinical hypothyroidism) introduced constipation cycle worse and more often than previously. Had to increase nuts/seeds/leafy greens five and nights of little/interrupted sleep.

I have been tested for B12 and take tablets. My VIt D is very high as I also take that with magnesium, Vit C and iodine.

It seems where you (UK - by the way where I was born) you have medication targeting T4 TSH and T3? In Australia we have one medication for all three. Where I seem to need most help with TSH.

Without knowing what's going on I've decided to keep with the same diet and try loosing the weight when my TSH levels are normalized.


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