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Importing NDT (armour, erfa, nature throid)

Hi everyone ... I'm taking T4 medications since 3 years now and still not feeling perfectly well even though my blood results looks good. I'm thinking to try NDT supplement instead. However, it is not available in middle east so I have to order it online and get shipped from Europe or US. I'm not comfortable taking a medication shipped in all various conditions that might damage it. Like my T4 in summer often times I have to refill due to heat or moisture impacting my medication lowering potency or even making unstable medication that makes me worse.

Is it a better idea to travel to one of the Europe countries and buy and try it there? which country sell over the counter NDT and also T3?

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I don't know of any European country where you can buy NDT over the counter. Synthetic T3 is available OTC in Greece (and possibly Turkey; other members will have to comment on that).

To my knowledge, NDT is only available OTC from Thailand.

There are online pharmacies shipping NDT from the US without requiring a prescription, but you should check out the rules and regulations in place in your country first, in order to avoid having shipments confiscated by customs.


I can get a private prescription from my doctor, I don't know if pharmacies in eourpe will require prescription from eourpean hospital?


I guess that depends on individual countries...I think the easiest thing to do would be to contact a pharmacy of your choice and ask them which kinds of prescriptions they do accept.


That's a good plan. Sure I can call them before I go.

Do you know if shipping the medication will be a good alternative in terms of quality of medication? I know T4 are very sensitive to heat but not sure about NDT if they are the same?


I have had NDT shipped from European countries as well as Thailand, and I have never noticed any problems with quality.



All prescription strength NDT is derived from pig thyroid. You might want to check that it is acceptable to import this into a middle east country. If it is, you can use your prescription to buy NDT from the USA or you can buy it without prescription from offshore sources in the Bahamas and Solomon Islands and Thailand.


I might try it out and see if it can make it to my home. However, my main question is really if the medicine can arrive safely with all the heat we have here. The temp reaches above 50 deg C in the summer and from my experience my body will not tolerate T4 medicine that goes even a few hours in heat ... not sure if NDT is as sensitive as levothyroxine.


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