Severe chronic pain

I have hashimoto's, don't appear to respond to T4 and suffer chronic, fluctuating, all-over pain. The past 3 days have been absolute hell, as they have been on and off for a few weeks. I'm currently taking NDT and increased my dose about a week ago. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the increased pain or the fact I (may) have a cold and am reacting severely to the virus. Is it usual for hashi's/hypothyroids to react badly to viruses? I need a hug actually :-( x

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((hug)) about the best I can do I'm afraid :( sympathy and empathy... I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myafacial pain and know how chronic pain can grind you down :(

Infact have another ((hug))

Linda x

Thankyou x

alibob63 Do you have blood results to post with ranges? Someone might be able to advise if you are under/over medicated. You might want to say what you are taking too, as it might be something in the meds that you are reacting to? Just a thought.

I had a lot of fibromyalgia and migraine and CFS which I believe was caused by t4 toxicity - I wasn't converting - too much swimming around in blood. Once stopped T4 all these symptoms went within a few days.

I hope you feel better very soon...With lots of Hugs.

Thanks. I'm awaiting blood results. I'll post when I have them x

Massive Hug :-)

I do react badly when I'm very ill and thyroid labs drop considerably and take a few weeks to go back up. Feels like I need extra to cope with the illness but this is generally alongside a high temp/fever.

As mentioned, if you post your blood test reports, people can advise better whether there's things that need working on or even see if they suggest you are not responding to T4 etc etc. Not much we can suggest without these. I don't respond to T4 as can't convert so am on T3 instead so there are options if this is the case although hard to come by. Also, how long have you been diagnosed and what dose are you on :-)

Would be worth getting your vitamin levels looked if not already - Vit D, B12, iron, Folate and post this as well.

I know how it feels, I was diagnosed with fibro and hypermobility and siatica and restless legs and water retention and had a lot of inflammation in my joints and so on etc etc. To be honest, everything used to hurt - actually my nose has never hurt much lol. All went away when went Gluten Free. May not work for everyone but quite a lot of hypothyroid people find it helps so if you're really desperate to try anything, might be worth giving it a go :-)

Vit D deficiency with levels under 30 causes a lot of pain in my bones also - feels like they're bruised and very sore to touch.


I'm pleased about your nose ;-)

I'm waiting for blood results. Should have them next week, so will post. They still refuse to test for T3 though. I'm taking NDT 2.5 grains. Actually feeling much better now, must have been a virus. Thanks xx

Hope you feel better soon. Viruses infect the whole body.

Thanks xx

Do you have copies of blood tests both thyroid and for b12 vit d3 ferritin and folate

how much NDT are you taking bcos normally NDT resolves all the pain that levo can create ....maybe you are unable to convert the t4 in levo or ndt intothe t3 that every body cell needs to function

Awaiting blood results. Will post when I have them. I'm on 2.5 grains NDT and considering topping up with T3. I'm feeling much better now, so assume it was a virus. Thanks xx

Sending you a hug. My pain was terrible. Is it mainly joint pain? My endo said she had heard stories like mine but had never seen anything in the medical journals about it.

Thanks xx

Thanks x

Joint pain, muscle pain & last weekend felt like every cell in my body hurt! Feeling much better now so assume it was a virus. It all gets confusing (and distressing) when you have pain and fatigue generally, then get something else on top of it xx

Thanks for the support and hugs everyone. It helps, a lot! I get my blood results next week and Dexa results for bone density. I'll post them then xxx

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