Help with dosage measurement?

Hi guys , got some T3 coming from Turkey via a friend ,my question is how much to take? currently taking 125 T4 4 days and 100 3days ,feeling better than before but still have hypo symptoms in the morning with bad headache and fatigue etc low temperature and pulse , the T3 is 25 mgs , plus do i need another blood test prior starting the T3 ? last one was November or December 2016 i think ,many thanks for help in advance to you wonderful people .:)))

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What were your last thyroid results and ranges?

Hi Clutter ,DECEMBER 2016 T4 *22.41 ( 12 .000-22.000)

T3 4.58 (3.100- 6.800)

REVERSE T3 * 27 (10.000 -24.000)


TSH 0.401 (0.270- 4.200)

was taking 150 mgs up till these BT which where done by Medichecks ,


I would reduce Levothyroxine dose to 125mcg as FT4 is slightly over range and it will help reduce rT3 too. Buy a pillcutter and quarter the Tiromel tablet and add 6.25mcg to 125mcg Levothyroxine. Your FT3 isn't bad so you may not need more but if you feel you do you could add a second dose 6.25mcg after a couple of weeks. I would stick with 12.5mcg for 6-8 weeks and retest including FT3 before increasing further.

Thank you so much ,will do exactly that ,your a star Clutter .


Fully agree with Clutter but will say ....

You have high RT3 & medicating T3 will help clear it so be prepared for a headache and maybe strong inner heat.

Mine lasted about three days and once over this, I got better & better. Good luck.

Thank you Radd, i wake up with one every day so nothing new there lol feel like iv got hangover every day :((( wouldnt mind but dont even drink anymore.

Thank you for taking time to reply :)) and good luck to you too , so pleased it worked for you ,how long have you been taking it ?

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