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Hi, I'm hypothyroid and was diagnosed 10 years ago. I've been on NDT for about a year, but because I don't feel cured, I've gone off HRT but now feel a lot worse. I have less energy and horrible brain fog and headaches. I read that the estrogen attaches to the thyroid hormone and inhibits it.. So I thought coming off HRT would make me feel better, but it's not. I'm taking Sage to help with menopausal symptoms which seems to work at least.. If anyone has any experience I would appreciate any advice. I don't want to go back on HRT, but feel so terrible!


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  • Can I ask why you were put on HRT in the first place? And why do you not want to go back on it? Only because you read that estrogen can reduce thyroid hormone absorption? In that case, could you not just take a little more NDT?

  • Hi thanku for your reply. I went on to HRT because menopausal symptoms of brain fog and night sweats made work very difficult. I was a lecturer in film and TV production. Ive been on HRT for 7 years which is about the same amount of time that I've been going to the Dr complaining of low energy. They would fob me off with the TSH test being normal... I'm just willing to try anything because I feel rubbish. Feel almost drowsy writing this.. When I took more than 3 grains of NDT it made me have palpitations..


  • OK, so you went on HRT because of menopausal symptoms? That seems to be the most common reason...but are we not dealing with two separate issues here? That is: peri-/menopause on the one hand, and thyroid problems on the other.

    Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? If so, what is your diagnosis (Hashimoto's etc)? Do you have any past and/or recent labs to share (with reference ranges)?

    Not everyone needs more than 180 mg or 3 grains of NDT daily which is often described as an average daily dose. But sometimes, symptoms like palpitations can show underlying problems such as low cortisol.

    It's really very difficult to be more specific without more details. Please share anything about your thyroid condition (diagnosis, labs, treatment). Are you self-medicating or did your doctor put you on NDT? That seems very uncommon in the UK and most other countries as well, as most doctors seem unaware of anything but T4 drugs for the treatment of hypothyroidism...

  • Thankyou for your reply. Sorry not to reply sooner but I've been out most of the day.. I can't find the last detailed test I had done. So I can't help you with that. I'll look up whether I have other symptoms of low cortisol. I've been sent to chronic fatigue clinic - I think I have a diagnosis from an occupational therapist. I'm seeing their Dr next week. I tried to get my dr to prescribe NDT but she wouldn't. So I bought thyroid s online and felt better on it - but I didn't feel cured. She insisted that I should go back on levo if I was going to get a referral to fatigue clinic. I did as I was told but felt a lot worse for 2 months. So I've gone back on NDT - without telling her. I've been on it a year now. I have to do what I'm told because I'm out of work have been for over 18 months. A diagnosis will help with benefits.. I can't work at the mo. I was diagnosed hypo 10 yrs ago and was on 150mcg . Thanku

  • I went down after I was advised to come off hrt because they said there was increased risk of breast cancer,turns out they tell everyone this-I thought I personally was at greater risk! Have you read anything by Dr Miriam Stoppard? She is menopause expert. I have just discovered I have very low DHEA and reading up on it I am going to supplement it, it has better effect than hrt when hypo

  • Hi -thanks for the info - I will check it out.. didn't mean to like your comment 6 times! It wasn't registering it so had to sign in then they all showed up..

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