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Recent ultrasound of neck

I am hoping someone can enlighten me, as I have no idea what these test results indicate.

At last, I am being listened to, and treated with respect by a new (to me), healthcare team.

I had one consultation (London hospital), regarding sjogrens syndrome. During consultation, I expressed my view that I believe thyroid is causing many symptoms. (Diagnosed hypothyroidism 27 yrs ago, managed well on meds, until just over 2yrs ago). I asked if it would be possible to have antibodies for thyroid blood test. Consultant kindly agreed, and I am waiting for the results.

Meanwhile, I attended another appointment he arranged (also London), for an ultrasound of the neck.

Sononographer immediately told me that I haven't got a thyroid, that it has shrivvelled up. She also said there was no evidence of any significant damage to salivary glands, from Sjogrens.

Today, I got GP blood test result (i requested test after having levothyroxine increased 9 weeks ago:

Serum free t4 level 19.5 pmo1/L (9.0 - 26.0)

Serum tsh level 0.04 mu/L (0.27 - 4.20)

I am hopeful that someone here can advise me about the above results as I do not see the consultant (London), until August now.

I believe my thyroid blood results are ok as I have been learning a lot on HU?

I have never been seen by an endocrinologist (despite requesting my GP to refer when I became very unwell just over 2 years ago), GP refused to refer.

Thank you to everyone, for sharing and caring.

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Well I am not qualified but it looks to me as if your Levothyroxine has brought your TSH down well ( I'm assuming it must have been high to warrant increase in Levo) and your fT4 looks OK. Haven't seen earlier results though.

That must have been a shock being told your Thyroid had shrivelled up !!!

Would you consider phoning your Consultant's secretary and asking if she can post you or your GP your Antibodies blood test results as you you are not in clinic again till August.

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Thanks Mary-intussuception.

That's a good idea. I will try and do that on Monday.

My previous thyroid results have been high but only around 2.7. I think thyroid went a little haywire, due to a horrific adverse reaction, after too many meds prescribed, for prolapse discs and sciatica, couple of years ago. Messed up my body. My thyroid took a hit. Before that time, I managed quite well on levothyroxine. Hopefully, symptoms will improve and settle down.

Being told thyroid has shrivelled up was not the shock as I had meds altered few times over last couple of years. Also had horrible symptoms including skin rashes. It was more alarming being told by the sonographer. Her response appeared to be, that my shrivelled thyroid, took her by surprise. Thus, her reaction got me wondering what could this news mean for my treatment plan.

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You probably had autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which attacks the thyroid until it eventually shrivels to a small fibrous mass the size of a peanut. It won't make any difference to your Levothyroxine treatment other than without any natural thyroid function your levels are likely to be more stable and you should find that Levothyroxine dose is less likely to require adjustment.


Thank you for that information Clutter. In the last few weeks, ironically, I have been doing ok.

From what I have learned on this site, I think when I collapsed and was so unwell, just over 2 yrs ago, I probably was suffering Hashimotos flare up.sadly, my GP did not help me.

In fact, it was a dermatologist who searched for root cause of my acute episode, who sent me for blood test, rheumatologist, and suggested my levothyroxine dose needed altering; she really cared!


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