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Had trouble getting thyroid level right had blood Test again told this morning it's now normal but my cholestrol has gone from 6.5 to 7.4 doctor won't do a t3 test said they don't do it, I am 70 bit overweight non smoker/drinker i take tumeric now doctor said it's up to me whether I go on statins, all this over the phone never gave me any other test results she said I had a 14 per cent chance of a heart attack in next ten years but I could also have one due to my age to say she has made me worry is an under statement, trouble is I am a bit timid and just take what they say.

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Hi Cassandra, welcome to the forum.

What a horrible woman, scaring you like that! It's all rubbish, anyway. High cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. In fact, if you have high cholesterol, you'll probably live longer! It is an essential nutrient, not a menace - but I wouldn't expect a doctor to know that.

However, if your cholesterol is high, your FT3 is probably low. Do you have the numbers for the FT4 and TSH? If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a copy of your results. Doctors think you're on the right dose even if the TSH is at the high end of the range, but they are wrong. Your TSH should be one or under. Ask the receptionist for a copy of your results, tell her you want to start keeping your own records. Don't tell her that that's because you don't trust your doctor anymore, even if it is true! lol

Statins are not conducive if we are hypothyroid. Optimal Thyroid Hormones reduce our high cholesterol because cholesterol isn't high due to what we eat but a Clinical Symptom of hypothyroidism. Doctor know no clinical symptoms.

Statins aren't good for us.

When a doctor refers to our blood tests as 'normal' ignore that word. Normal, Fine, or O.K we do not want.

We want 'optimum' which means a TSH of 1 or lower and a Free T4 and Free T3 towards the upper part of the range. Always get a print-out of your results - we are entitled by law and post them. If you don't have them today, put them on a new post.

If your doctor says you are probably going to develop heart disease in 10 years. Yes, I do agree with that but only if you do NOT have optimum thyroid hormones. Optimum thyroid hormones reduce cholesterol levels - why do they not know this?????? Even if you took statins and no optimum thyroid - you still might damage heart.

They try to frighten us with 'heart' 'osteo' but good thyroid hormones will prevent this. A number of researchers have proved that many do better with a T4/T3 hormone replacement than T4 alone.

Also the pharma companies love us because we are given so many 'other' prescriptions for the 'symptoms' rather than optimum thyroid hormones. We are brilliant for expanding their profits.

Don't have results wasn't offered them

We aren't offered the results. We have to request them and say we'd like a copy each time we have a blood test. Some surgeries charge a nominal sum for paper/ink. We are entitled by Law to have our results.

Thanks for reply will go in Monday and ask

Dear Cassandra14, do you feel unwell? You don't mention any symptoms, just results! I know it's daunting to face your Dr. when you have always believed they know and care what is best for you, unfortunately it turns out they are only human with grandiose ideas about themselves! Your Dr should be slapped for needlessly frightening you to make you take statins! Mine tried the same tactic, I had a friend who bitterly regretted taking them as they gave him more problems, so I did some reading and found they were something I definitely did not want to take,prepared my answer to tell my Dr, who didn't even listen-just crossed them off the list and I was out the door lol! No caring or sharing here Thankyou very much! If you don't want to face anybody you can ask your receptionist by phone to have them printed off and arrange to go in and pick them up, that way you could ask for the last 2 or 3 tests for an even better picture! Have courage and go for it-if you ask nicely they might even be polite back! Fingers crossed!

Hi thanks for your answers the only symptom I have is first thing in the morning I feel like I should be going to bed, not getting up but once up I am ok I never went to the doctor with thyroid symptoms had a blood Test for some other reason I can't remember and was told my thyroid was under active and they put me on the pills they have changed my dosage three times trying to get it right now I am on 75g Monday Wednesday, Friday all other days 50g I will phone on Monday to ask for print out I was thinking of having another test privately, do you think this would be worth it as I am worried about my cholesterol she has put me on statins for two months.

I am of the same opinion as Greygoose and Shaws that high levels of cholesterol are caused by thyroid and statins are not good for us! Your Dr sounds as though they are trying to help which is a good sign, I would wait until you have your test results and let everybody have a look,but please stop worrying! You are stressing yourself out which will make you feel worse! Be kind to yourself,unfortunately it takes time to sort out but your doses are still low, l was on 200mg a day.

Got results don't understand a thing it has Serum TSH 5.84 mill/L Serum free T4 level A Normal 15.1 pro/L raised TSH with normal ft4 consistent with sub-clinical hypothyroidism

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