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Hi there, I went to my doctors just over three weeks ago because I was suffering with low moods, erratic memory, weight gain with no appetite, pins and needles, hot flushes and swollen feet. Being 48 and with infrequent periods thought it was pre menopause. My mom has hypothyroidism and suggested I was tested. The doctor sent me for a blood test and rang me with the results 4 days later, Mom was right I have hypothyroidism, the doctor had put up a prescription for me to collect of 50mg levothyroxine, said take it in the morning and would be available on a repeat prescription. After the first two months I started to feel better, having just finished month three I am starting to feel worse again, I do not have my blood results and I was not asked to go back into be retested, is this usual??


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  • Sorry three months not three weeks

  • It's usual in that it's sloppy, and there are a lot of sloppy doctors around. Go back now an ask for a retest.

    Make your appointment for early in the morning, and fast over-night. Leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test.

    Did your doctor tell you to take your levo with a large glass of water, and wait an hour before eating or drinking anything except water?

  • Yes she said to take 30 minutes before eating or drinking, no mention of a large glass of water?

  • The water is to make sure it gets right down into your stomach, and not get stuck on the way down. It's much better to leave a full hour before eating.

  • Ok, I will try that and see how it goes

  • You should be retested every six to eight weeks and probably given an increase of 25mcg each time until your symptoms go.

  • It seems like 50mg was working but now needs an increase, get yourself back and say your symptoms are back and get some more bloods done to check

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