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Probiotics may be the answer for me

Hello guys

I've been feeling nauseous and fatigued for as long as I can remember .

When I got the hypo diagnosis I thought I would feel much better but I have started to think I have chronic fatigue. My digestive system is awful and struggle to get out of bed.

I did some research on cfs and found the following :


She also was hypo with a lot of the same symptoms as me.

I've started taking high doses of probiotic with prebiotic and already feel a significant improvement.

I wanted to share this in case it might help anyone else who can't seem to get better with constant malaise.


It might help and I feel it's worth a try x

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She had Hashi's. So, did she really have CFS, or was her hypo simply under-treated - it usually is. Does CFS really exist - it's not a disease, anyway, it's a syndrome - or is it just a bunch of hypo symptoms. Hypos very often need to take probiotics and prebiotics. I'm glad they helped you. :)

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Yep, I find probiotics help too. I have Hashimoto's.

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