Can you have low adrenals at some times during the month but be ok for the most part ?

Following on from my previous post is it possible to have adrenal fatigue at some points during the month and be ok at other times? I am thinking specifically before a period and around ovulation. I have taken numerous saliva tests over the years and they have shown while slightly low in am and slightly higher in pm on the whole not too bad. According to Janie of STTM no HC required.

Most of my problems are in the first couple weeks of my cycle until after ovulation. Then I feel quite good with less digestive problems, less anxiety etc. ( still lots of hypo symptoms and fatigue but I can manage if I pace myself ).

I'm thinking the progesterone I produce in the latter weeks may be helping me with my cortisol needs. But just before your period begins doesn't the progesterone drop?? Is this why I am having psycho woman symptoms in the few days before my period? Does this mean that I have low adrenals at this time or is it just PMS?

Taking progesterone cream wouldnt help here would it as you have to stop it prior to period don't you? Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here? Will fixing my thyroid help this? What can I do to help these symptoms (and to avoid being sent to a mental health unit as I feel one step away from this! )


Carolineanne x

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  • Problems like this can be caused by a thyroid problem but no doctor will admit to it!! Dealing with the thyroid scores less points on the NHS payment scale than perhaps any other illness!!

  • Glynisrose, my gp doesn't even believe I should be treated until I get over 10!! Thank goodness my Endo doesn't agree with her. Although he will only prescribe thyroxine which I cannot tolerate. They are really unhelpful aren't they?? Thanks.

    Carolineanne x

  • I don't know the answer, I am afraid, but just wanted you to know you are not alone in this. I have the same problem at exactly the same times as you mention. Still have them even though DrP says my thyroid is now well conttrolled, and I use progesterone cream. Think my perimenopausal hormones are just doing more of a dance these days, and feel that the FSH spike at ovulation is the worst. Hope we find an answer to all this !

  • Hi Rustysmum,

    It's a shame that optimal thyroid hasn't gotten rid of these symptoms for you, I was hoping that would be the key thing for me ( if I can get there). At the moment this seems to be the worse symptoms.

    Yes, that spike does seem to be my problem - most months I am getting left side weakness with it and it was thought maybe hemiplegic migraine ( don't actually get the headache) but neurologist said he didn't think that it was. So, back to square one. Fed up of it all really, was chatting about old times to my sister and cousin today and we decided that we all want our youth , energy and good health back!!!

    Good luck to you, if I find an answer I will post it all over the forum!!!

    Carolineanne x

  • That's what hrt is for.

  • Think I may look into this, I don't know a lot about it. Give me something to research! Thanks x

  • I mean it will give me something to research ! :)

  • I think progesterone cream might help but this website but help you find some answers:

  • Thank you Heloise :) I'm gonna have a look at that tonight.

  • Hi There

    if you are looking into Progesterone, I would recc Progestelle. I buy it from the US. It is higher strength than European Union brands. There are also some interesting videos on the website.

    When I was in menopause, it was the Only progesterone product that made any difference. I am now way way post menopause, but I still use it. My hormones got

    b-----d by long term use of progesterone only birth pill, wish I'd known then what I know now., I should Never have been prescribed it....

    I never ever wanted to use HRT, so Progestelle was the answer for me personally.



  • Thanks for that. Will check it out. Certainly interesting. X

  • I have had melatonin mentioned to me. I had thought it was only for sleep problems but apparently it can help re-juvenate your hormone levels too. I am going to research it anyway and will let you knoe if it is any good.

  • Oh yes please do, anything that will help! X

  • I still have problems around the time I used to ovulate and I don't have periods any more!!

  • I think our bodies have their own plan and they are gonna try to stick to it no matter what we do!!lol!:)


    Wellsprings Serenity helped me get past this, and I'm sure it helped my body utilise the thyroxine better - I stopped using it gradually (when it ran out), after passing through menopause about 18 months ago - I know it is stored in the fat tissue for a while and lately am feeling I need to go back on it as symptoms it helped are returning.

    I'm quite interested in the question in the first post about adrenal fatigue at some points during the month - as even though i don't have periods now I notice things that some describe as problems with adrenals - but am only just beginning to wonder about adrenals for me - I read this in an article today

    "From what I’ve found out, it also wrecked my adrenal glands. I can’t do any sort of fast movement like fast paced walking or anything that raises my heart rate. If I get any sort of rush of adrenalin, I nearly faint. Whether it is out of fear, excitement, anything.."

    and felt that described me too

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