Case Studies Needed for Possible Film

Case Studies Needed for Possible Film

I have been asked to find some case studies for a film that is hoped to be made.

They need people who tried levothyroxine and felt ill and then tried Armour and felt much better for years until their local Clinical Commissioning Group put a stop to it. We need to know what reason they were given for not allowing it to be prescribed and whether or not their GP or endocrinologist was happy for it to be prescribed.

Thyroid UK knows this is happening and the film makers want to bring this to the media attention.

Hope we can find some case studies as this could be really good to help make change.

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Do hope something comes of this Lyn, as I feel CCG's have taken Thyroid treatment back to the Dark Ages. Wish I could be of some help, but have never even tried T3. Am considering this at the moment as I feel that the patches on my skin are Myxeodeama and this is unforgiveable in this day and age, especially when Goldshield Eltroxin did not cause this all the while I was on it. Very interested in the outcome of this film.

Can only be a case study for someone who was seriously ill when put levothyroxine and then stopped everything

I fall into this category but would this not reflect badly on the doctors who are willing to prescribe who don't want to stick their necks out?

This is something I have said to the journalist so I'm hoping she won't need to speak to any of the doctors. If you are interested in being a case study, please contact me on with your contact details.

Just happened to me. Primary Trust instructed my GP to stop prescribing NDT . I have written to them, local MP and Jeremy Hunt as no alternative offered or available. Didn't do well on Levothyroxine at all. Meanwhile I have Ordered on line despite my GP telling me that its a bad idea. I have no alternative .

Would you be interested in being a case study tarotreader? If so, could you send me an email with your contact details for the journalist?

I was on Levo for years but became very ill, changed to Armour it was like a immediate improvement

I might be too late for this. I found I had thyroid problems for some years without knowing. When it was found, I was put on levothyroxine and each brand made me feel ill, swollen, painful joints etc. In the end I saw another doctor who recommended T3 because he didn't think I was converting the levo. I have been on T3 since. My doctor won't support me. I got a bit scared recently and went back onto the levo and within days I suddenely realised while I came off it. My feet and ankles are swelling and my bones hurt like they're breaking. Obviously need to go back onto T3.

Thanks Numberone1. I haven't heard anything from the filmmaker for a few weeks. She is trying to find a doctor who will put his head above the parapet and I don't think she's finding it easy!

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