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Morning all - been to see my dr this morning regarding horrible sore throats and croaky voice. She thinks that it is possibly due to the high pollen count and to take an antihistamine. I would never have considered that as I put it down to my thyroid. Anyway, asked for a print out of my results (photo attached). Could someone please tell me what the 'optimal' range for T4 and TSH should be? I know mine are outside of the guide (T4 - 10.6 - 21.0 and TSH - 0.40 - 4.00) but is there an ideal number?

Thank you x

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In general terms;

Ideally your FT4 should be towards the top of its range i.e. nearer to 21 than 10.6, some say 3/4's of the way through its range. TSH should ideally be below 1.

I'm hoping your doctor is addressing your low vit d, high folate and high cholesterol?


My TSH is above 100 - that's a huge difference!! And the other one is way off 21 😳 - a long way to go to feel normal yet then?!

She is very aware of vitamin d and cholesterol and thinks they are likely to be linked to my other results but she does want to get my thyroid under control before addressing the other issues.

I'm currently on 75mg with more bloods to be done on 15 May. Can't say I feel great, in fact, I feel horrible but don't want to sound like a massive hypochondriac!


It sounds like she is on the case though by checking your blood frequently (normally every 6 - 8 weeks until symptoms subside and results are "normal"). Yes, it could be a while before you start to feel the benefit of the levo you are taking. I'm pretty sure i have read on this site that cholesterol is linked to hypothyroidism so it may be that when your results improve and you feel better that this problem may go away...hopefully someone wiser than me will put me straight on that. Vit D deficiency and hypothyroid symptoms are very similar! I'm sure you do feel rubbish at the moment but hopefully with each increase you will feel the benefit.


Your doctor should be addressing your vit D at the same time as your thyroid, because you need optimal vit D to be able to use the hormone you're taking.

The cholesterol is totally irrelevant, that will lower as your thyroid hormone rises, but the vit D won't change unless you supplement. So, that is of the utmost priority.


I am taking a vitamin d tablet before bed but not a prescription one. Will that help? Am I right in thinking that vitamin d deficiency will also make me feel rubbish?


What dose of vitamin D are you taking?

Prescriptions for vitamin D in the UK are often far too low a dose. Most of us are better off buying our own. It doesn't need a prescription and the choice of dose sizes available is quite extensive.


And yes, low vitamin D makes people feel rubbish. Low anything (when talking about vitamins and minerals) makes people feel awful.


You should buy a liquid vitamin D3 supplement with 1,000 IU per drop, that way you are not taking multiple tablets per day, just a few drops. I take 4,000 IU per day that keeps me in the middle of the range. I think I pay $15.00 cdn for my bottle of D3.

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